Monday, August 8, 2016

Moving camp

I'm a dead blog now.

I still have a massive ton to process.

Drop me a note if you care to join me.

It won't be the basics. It'll be managing Todderina's diagnosis. Expanding what special egg means to my preschooler. Making sure my surprise (freak show) baby doesn't feel left out since she was free.

More on my embryo recipient family. My family. Positive parenting.

I could use the company.

Love all day long,

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Everything is coming up Rocco

Hi guys.

Baby has a fever.  She is napping in her own crib as of yesterday.  I therefore would like to proclaim the entire universe as mine.  Rockin' that baby not sleeping in my bed with a 2 foot nipple stretched into her mug.

I'm sick too.  But everything is coming up Rocco.  Huh.

I am sure I tempt fate.  I am sure I invite the Gremlins to wreck my fragile victory.  I'm still going to talk about it.

Toddlerina is ruling her kingdom with a kind and generous heart.

The children.  They fight a little less.  The time outs, time ins, quiet moments, slow down times, whatever the fuck I call them this wk.  They come less frequently.

I can plop slow moving baby in room with big children and not fear for her safety for up to 7 minutes.

Sticker charts, they reward.  Coupons doled out.  Prizes, they are claimed.

Oh yeah.

I read Jay the donor egg book finally.  Toddlerina, er, Kindergartenina, was listening in.  She heard Jaybird was from an egg.  She started screaming and calling him an alien.

He was delighted.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Momma of 3 take homes, version 2.0

A little of this, a little of that.  Bam.  I'm ok.

Turns out I caught the ADD.  Who knew?

They tell me many folks who are unable to manage their depression often have undiagnosed ADHD.  Yeah, but I'm 43.  Well, I'm 44 now but I found out I was actually a year older than I thought I was this fall.  There is some lack of attention to detail, not knowing how old you are.  Hmm.

I was a big doubter.  Hooked me up to an EEG.  Did some testing before and after medication.  Can you believe I improved in the auditory part by 500%.  Eek.  It's a wonder I was keeping these kids fed and clean.

My Toddlerina was diagnosed (word I use loosely as she is only 5) with ADHD and ODD.  I think it explains a lot where her nickname came.  Guess she caught it from me, poor little bird.

We are working hard with her.  Feelings coach, occupational therapist, gymnastics and tae kwon do.

If you do anything to help your kids, sprint immediately to the nearest TKD shop and join.  It is amazing and I just am head over heels in love with it.

She is doing better but some days I want to run away.  I hate the circus but maybe I could join it and get them to change their inhumane ways.

My new baby is a delight.  She brings out the very best in Toddlerina.  It makes her shine.  It was really meant to be this way.

Much love,

Sunday, October 26, 2014

PPD. She beckons.

Hi old friends.

How I miss you guys. Planning to jump back into the world of posting, sharing and supporting. I've been gone so long.  My heart is heavy thinking of the times you may have needed me but I wasn't there. Or here.

Gotta give to take, right?  Make deposits to afford withdrawals.  I'm afraid I'm breaking that rule. I could use a little backing right now.

The Blues. I feel them lurking. Ah, shitballs. No autocorrect I don't mean spitballs. I mean fuck. I got not time for the post partum depression.

Haven't told Rocco yet. Apprehensive. Not a good sign, huh?  Probably all the more reason I need to open up. Maybe next week.

How you been. Give me a one sentence update please if you're still here?  I'm so very overwhelmed by my Giant Unread Reader Feed.  Tell me what I can do for you to make it up to you.

Much love,
Mother of a five month old
Mother of a almost 3 year old
Mother of a 5 year old
Mother to Mannie who is gone

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Safe. Take home complete.

Welcome home baby!

All is well.  We had a baby girl.  She is just right. She may be perfect.

I'm typing w one hand.

She looks like Jay, our DE baby. Ha! Oh, the humor of it all.

Everything is fabulously hard work.  I am delightfully exhausted.

I see less blowouts with cloth diapers.

I worked with a post partum doula and she was freakishly magnificent. My milk came in 3 days compared to the IVF and DE 5-6 days.

Bowls of pasta warmed 30 seconds to room temperature makes a good breakfast.

The Bigs are great with her. They love on her a little hard, but they're learning.

She was 6 1/2 pounds where my others were 8ish.  Tiny love.

Who knew.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Greetings from a waiting crib

Gah.  I have my heart outside my body and stapled to my knees.  If I fall, it will hurt.  I feel so exposed, pumping my blood externally and shit.  Hopefully two more weeks and this baby comes home.

I came out on FB about the baby.  Mixed feelings about the whole thing.  I feel like a dick for doing it but I think the only thing worse would have been baby pictures showing up like little bombs to the heart.  Maybe.

At least I look like a wildebeast in the picture.  Send me a friend request and zoom in on my roots.  It's good for a laugh.  Leah keeps asking why I have a skunk stripe.  Oh, isn't she darling.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

IVF, Donor egg and Freak of Nature Babies

My friends all call this pregnancy a "normal" one.  I usually correct them with a honest laugh, tell them that we Infertiles prefer the term "Unassisted".  I guess "Spontaneous" works, but sounds too clinical and I don't think this stuff happens without science or God.

Uncomfortable with that last sentence but I'll leave it for now.

Everything is going well.  Lots of movement.  Can't think of a girl name.  Boys name is set.  Need to get Jay out of the crib.  Not worried anymore.  I have not graduated to some higher plane of faith, I just don't have the time to worry like I used to.

Shame really.  I am an exceptional worrier.

I fired my OB office for not offering the Harmony, Maternit21 or other type test.  Fuckers. I had to find it online myself.

You're fired.  CVS/Amnio-pushing fuckers.

Leah asked me why I had a white stripe on my head.  I'm so close to delivery that I am doling out my hair coloring to make it to mid May.  How is that for shallow.  I think I tracked the first take home baby by comparing him/her to fruit sizes.  This one's arrival is tracked by how many times I can get my roots done.

Spare time is delightful.  I hate to spend it in a chair.

Miss you guys.