Saturday, February 22, 2014

IVF, Donor egg and Freak of Nature Babies

My friends all call this pregnancy a "normal" one.  I usually correct them with a honest laugh, tell them that we Infertiles prefer the term "Unassisted".  I guess "Spontaneous" works, but sounds too clinical and I don't think this stuff happens without science or God.

Uncomfortable with that last sentence but I'll leave it for now.

Everything is going well.  Lots of movement.  Can't think of a girl name.  Boys name is set.  Need to get Jay out of the crib.  Not worried anymore.  I have not graduated to some higher plane of faith, I just don't have the time to worry like I used to.

Shame really.  I am an exceptional worrier.

I fired my OB office for not offering the Harmony, Maternit21 or other type test.  Fuckers. I had to find it online myself.

You're fired.  CVS/Amnio-pushing fuckers.

Leah asked me why I had a white stripe on my head.  I'm so close to delivery that I am doling out my hair coloring to make it to mid May.  How is that for shallow.  I think I tracked the first take home baby by comparing him/her to fruit sizes.  This one's arrival is tracked by how many times I can get my roots done.

Spare time is delightful.  I hate to spend it in a chair.

Miss you guys.