Friday, December 12, 2014

Momma of 3 take homes, version 2.0

A little of this, a little of that.  Bam.  I'm ok.

Turns out I caught the ADD.  Who knew?

They tell me many folks who are unable to manage their depression often have undiagnosed ADHD.  Yeah, but I'm 43.  Well, I'm 44 now but I found out I was actually a year older than I thought I was this fall.  There is some lack of attention to detail, not knowing how old you are.  Hmm.

I was a big doubter.  Hooked me up to an EEG.  Did some testing before and after medication.  Can you believe I improved in the auditory part by 500%.  Eek.  It's a wonder I was keeping these kids fed and clean.

My Toddlerina was diagnosed (word I use loosely as she is only 5) with ADHD and ODD.  I think it explains a lot where her nickname came.  Guess she caught it from me, poor little bird.

We are working hard with her.  Feelings coach, occupational therapist, gymnastics and tae kwon do.

If you do anything to help your kids, sprint immediately to the nearest TKD shop and join.  It is amazing and I just am head over heels in love with it.

She is doing better but some days I want to run away.  I hate the circus but maybe I could join it and get them to change their inhumane ways.

My new baby is a delight.  She brings out the very best in Toddlerina.  It makes her shine.  It was really meant to be this way.

Much love,