Saturday, November 13, 2010

POAS: The Home Wrecker

Are we pregnant?

I dunno.  Don't even read this post.  Save yourself.  I already got into an argument with my own mother over it.  Still mad about it.

But the torture continues.  I need another box of First Response Early Response.  Buy 2, get one free in a single box.  A party pack.  My beta isn't until Wednesday.  May as well be next year.

I think I am messing with some false positives.  I did this our last test.   One minute I am convinced we are pregnant, the next I am certain to be chasing shadow ghost lines.


If they are false positives, wouldn't I have a false positive showing up on 5dp5dt?  I only think I see a hint of one.

Really, why are you still reading?  This is pathetic.  These photos were taken HOURS after the pee dip.  They are BEYOND invalid.

I fear we are not pregnant.

Let this POAS story be a warning to all you good women.  Do not POAS.

Of course, we will test again tomorrow.

I can convince myself I see something different on 7d.  I think I see it.  But is it only there as this test is over 6 hours old?  But why if all the test are old, why does the line appear to get slightly darker?

Why don't I have any self control.


Pathetically yours,


  1. Roccie,

    Dr. Beer (the immunologist in California) used to tell his patients to POAS and then just wait - don't read it right away. He said that you could read it later on and get just a good a result, maybe even better as it dries.

    On your middle picture, I can see a faint line on the 7d stick on my screen. It looks faint but I'm seeing something - hopefully not an evap line or wishful thinking on my end. I think the last picture has the sticks at a bad angle. I like to stick mine in bright natural light to compare. Also, this may seem silly, but have your other half pee on one so you can get a comparison stick that has an evaporation line that you can compare to.

    I've been POAS since the day after transfer, but I always do that so that I can see the "beta HCG" disappear ... and then if something shows up after that, then I don't have to ever wonder if it's still the trigger in my system.

    Pathetically yours in peeing,


  2. That 7d test. IS A LINE. I don't even have to squint to see it.

    That. is. a. line.

    reserving the cheering for now. just a little mini dance.

    hang in there momma.

  3. I definitely see something on the 7 day stick. Definitely. It's faint but it's there. If I were a betting girl, I'd say you're pregnant : )

  4. I think I see the second line! From my experience a line is a line. I am SO hoping you continue to see double lines.

  5. already know that I am a peestickaholic. So, you are totally normal in my book! ;-)

    But, woman. I see a freaking line! I see one on day 6 and a darker one on day 7. I think you've got something here.

    Here is my logic:

    At 14/15dpo, they want 100.
    13dpo should be 50ish.
    At 12dpo, it should be around 25ish, which translates to a fairly light line. That looks about right for 25ish to me! (And I have lots of experience looking at those stupid things!)

    I am holding hope in my heart for you!

  6. That definitely looks like a line to me - and getting darker. I too have a LOT of POAS experience and you don't get pink or blue (depending on your brand) lines showing up late on a negative. The only lines I've had on a negative have been kinda grey. I think you might be pregnant!!!!!

  7. Roccie, I do indeed think I see a second line at 7d. Could it be??? Hoooooraaaayyyyyy!!! You know, the cool, reserved, wait-and-see version. !!!!!

  8. Okay...your experience MIRRORS my EXACT 5d, 6d and 7d sticks. Your day 7 - SECOND LINE!!!!!!! Even A, my DH, who is a POAS expert picked it out. OH and for the other readers out there...check out my November 8th post. Since I already know you are a POAS addict do it again every 12 hours if your nerves can take it. But your 7d...definitely a second line. I would not mess with you at this point as it is just way too cruel. HANG TIGHT!!!

  9. Oh and screw the "false positive" crap...that's just their corporate bs they tell us. No such thing. None. A line is a line.

  10. OMG I cannot wait until Wednesday!!!! Hoping that line on day 7 just continues to get darker!!!!

  11. Finally, a post. I have been waiting.

    Yup. I see it. On the 7th day! Woo-hoo mamma to be!!! Pee again tomorrow.

  12. Don't look at me - I only POAS on beta day, because I can't stand waiting for the phone to ring all day without a clue.

  13. Holy crap, it's there it's there!!!! ::jumps up and down::

    (Disclosure: Jumping up and down will not cure POAS insanity....I know from personal experience). ;-P

  14. Dude. Totally a line. Please post what tomorrow's stick brings! I bet it's a darker line!

  15. I can definitely see a second line on the 7th day one, girl. Oh, shit. This might happen for you! Can't wait until you pee on another pathetic test for all of tomorrow! ;) I'll be standing by!

  16. If you take your picture and open it in photoshop, and make it a bit darker, you can see lines on all 3 tests, getting darker by the day!

  17. Sweetie. WHY ARE YOU PEEING? Stop. Stop. Don't do it again. Get a pedicure instead. Buy Nora Ephron's new book. Do anything it takes to pee directly in the toilet, NOT on a plastic stick that came from the drugstore.

    I totally see a line, though. :)

  18. Yup. That's a line. I have never seen a false positive, so I can't help by to jump the gun. I will be hitting refresh here tomorrow a bazillion times. Dint keep us hanging sister.

    There is no weakness in pee fortune telling. No weakness. End of subject.

  19. Roccie that is SO A LINE.

    I'm an anti POASer so I'm not as qualified as some of the other commenters but a line is a line is a line. And that, my friend is a line.

    And I love Linda's idea of getting your hubs to pee on a stick so you can compare lines. That is so comical (but very practical!).

    Thinking of you, this is a hard place you're in. But seeing a line is better than not seeing a line so you are heading in the right direction at least. xxx

  20. Day 7 = definitely a line. I do not shit thee, and neither do any of the commenters above. Most definitely there. Grow DARKER, o line. (I want an update tomorrow, and another pee pic.)

  21. GAH! Ok, I see a line on 7. Are we nuts here? I totally see it. Ugh, when the hell is beta again? I'm DOYING over here! I mean, I saw it, did the "blink blink" and looked again...and it's still there.

  22. Roccie, I see that line easy. And it's pink! It's not a false positive. And six days it's there too. it's progressively darker. i think the news is good!

    Keeping testing. I am feeling very BFP about all of this.

    Keep growing little sticky one! We're all rooting for you!

  23. I've always assumed that they seem to get darker as they dry because you lose the faint background color of wet urine once it evaporates. (And I know this makes a difference because I tested it by peeing on paper towels. Because I am insane like that.)

    I don't even have to tilt the computer screen and I see the 7dpt line. The 5dpt, I have to squint a little and shade the screen, but I see something. A pink something. So it's getting darker! Grow little embie, grow!

    We are the Great Infertile Fetishists of the World and we demand more peestick pics! You know you're gonna do at least one a day until Wednesday, so let us hold your hand until then.

  24. I don't want to be too jubilant, because this post was yesterday, and maybe you have worse news by now, but that second line is clear as day. You got yourself some implantation! Now we just have to see if this is coming or going. Not to be a downer, but I know that's how I felt about my positive. Tons of love coming your way.

  25. ahhh, pee sticks. we can't live with or without them, yes?? the lines are definitely getting darker on each of the 3 sticks. i don't believe nurses/docs who say that the line getting darker doesn't mean anything bc they are wrong. the line getting darker is HUGE. i can just imagine the crazy that is going on in your head right now bc i've been there. hang in, beta is around the corner. xoxo. ps - you are not crazy. we ALL do it.

  26. I see a line on day 7! So for a Donor egg transfer, do they give you HCG? I'm thinking no. Looking good to me!

  27. Dear Pathetic Roccie,

    You are knocked up.

    Those lines are there, and they are darker as the days go on. The trigger does not increase in your body, it decreases. My dr. said at 7dp5dt there was no way it was a false positive and here i sit, 15 weeks preggo.

    You are knocked up. I repeat, you are knocked up.

    Can I get a woot woot.

    Wholly fuck, you are knockalicious right now.