Sunday, November 14, 2010

Meanwhile, back at the potty...

Genius.  Sheer genius to use Rocco's urine as a baseline.  Thank you Linda for giving me some peace of mind.

Oh, there is a line.

It was a regular urine fest over here.  I peed on two different brands... as did Rocco.  I asked him to serve as my baseline to evaluate how the evaporation line works.  He is not pregnant.  Whew.

The line is light, but it is there.  One test shows positive and one shows more positive.

I can see how the last cycle I thought I read a positive on one brand.  The Target First Response seems to be more "sensitive".  If I were desperate and testing early enough to justify the faintness of the line away, well, Rocco just might be pregnant in my book.

The First Response Early Response takes longer to darken.  It isn't as dark and glorious as the Target knock off, but Rocco has zero chance of being pregnant on that test.  White as snow.

Lessons learned?  Please chime in on this.  You folks has some AMAZING feedback.  Wonderful ideas coming from my veterans out there.  I cannot thank you enough.

Things POAS Taught Me, the Hard Way

  1. Don't switch brands.  I switched brands from the last four cycles.  It is a mistake to turn your back on the experience you have gained over time.  Familiarity is key.

  2. Use two tests.  I am sure this is a sign of the depth of my madness, but variety was a life saver today.  The test behave differently.

  3. Having day 5 as a blank slate proves a valuable reference point.

  4. Day 5 not baseline enough for you?  Male urine saved my sanity.  I cannot say I want to recommend this, but keep it in your back pocket if you think you see ghost lines.

  5. Photoshop, Picasa or photo editing software is like POAS porn.  Thanks to Kellyanne for this one.  It is titillating to darken your own line. Ooh, that really does it for me.  For the record, this did *not* cause a line to appear on Rocco's test.  Good stuff.

And now we wait.

We all know too well this is only the first step.  There are many more milestones to achieve.

Cautiously joyful,
Your ever grateful friend,
Lost without your support,



  1. Woohoo! Everything has to start with a first step! Continuing to send good thoughts your way!

  2. Yay!!! Is it okay if I just go all out and say I am excited for you? 'Cause I am! Woooowhooo!

    Here is a tip I learned the hard way...I found that tests in each box of First Response had similar dye levels, but once you go to another box, there is no guarantee that the dye levels will match. When you are looking for a line to be darker, this is a HUGE thing. I can't tell you how much stress I caused myself because tests between boxes of pee sticks didn't darken--or worse yet, were lighter. Just keep that in mind.

  3. Hooray! Congratulations!! Sooooo excited for you and can't wait for the line to continue getting darker and darker : )

  4. Thank god you dodged a bullet there on Rocco. Think what the neighbors would say! You, however, are right in track and I'm thrilled that the line is real. Congratulations!

    Ps. U fear you have now fed my own psycho Photoshop skills with and subsequent pregnancy here. Love that tip!

  5. Woo-hoo....jumping with joy for you!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  6. That's fantastic news!! I forgot the whole "getting-the-man-to-pee-on-a-stick" thing. I did this once when I had a very wierd cycle where I had a positive pee stick followed by an equivocal blood test (HCG of 5!) followed by a VERY short bleed followed by another positive pee stick. By this time, the early pregnancy unit didn't know what to make of me and I was confused myself, so I got a twin pack and I peed on one and DH peed on the other. I got a faint line and he got nothing - took them in to the unit to show them but got another negative blood test. My best guess is a very early, self-resolving ectopic (since they sometimes have fluctuating HCGs).

  7. FABULOUS!!!!! Roccie this is brilliant news!!!
    So pleased that Rocco isn't pregnant, that would have been a hard one to explain. But as for you... Mrs 2 line pregnant woman!! Woop!
    I have to say though, your beta day seems like years away. Wishing the days away quickly on your behalf. xxx

  8. AHHHHHH!!! So freakin' happy for you and Rocco!! High Fives all around!! Congrats!! And love love love that Rocco is not pg...heaven forbid two prego's under the same roof...too funny but ingenious idea. Take care!!!

  9. OH and apparently my A thought of doing the same thing to POAS for a baseline...guess Rocco and A aren't all that different!

  10. Rocciiiiiieeee!!!!! This is fantastic news!!! May all upcoming milestones be reached and passed with flying colors. In this case, I think yellow would be most appropriate. Love the title of this post, btw. You're a star!!!!

  11. Yiaaaaaahhhyyyyyyy!!!! So happy for you! Yes, you have more milestones, but this is the biggest.

  12. Friggin' awesome! Totally giggling over here about Rocco not being preggo. I would've been looking for you guys on the news. ;-)

  13. I knew it! In all my years of POAS I never had a single positive (until my current cycle - 9 months long!) I don't think false positives are all that frequent. Mine all looked like Roccos.

    It's there, Roccie, and it's growing, getting stronger. It's the first step but it's certainly in the right position. I continue to think of you.

  14. Umm direction not position is what was meant. dah!

  15. As I said in the last post... knockolicious baby! Wooooohoooooo~

  16. Yeeeeha! So exctited for you, crazy lady! Looking forward to Wednesday!

  17. so so excited for you!!!!

  18. Haha! That's a small fortune in P-sticks - well it would be here.

    This is so great though!

  19. SQUEE!!!! Wednesday can NOT get here soon enough, huh? The wait is always better when you think there will be good news at the end. :)

    You're SO pregnant and I am chair dancing in happiness for you! In the meanwhile, here is the gentlest hug ever. Can't disrupt that new baby!

  20. YIPPEEEE! I am so so so happy for you! I'm hoping this is a good sign and I too will get my BFP this cycle.

  21. Yay!!!! Oh, happy day! I can't wait for this to darken and totally convince you!