Sunday, November 7, 2010

The other side of transfer day

I go into this wait a little wiser than I was in past cycles.  Yeah, this is my sixth two week wait.  You would think I would have learned something by now.  This isn't much but it is all I got. 

Lesson Number One: Get to know your boobs
Progesterone, my lumpy-butt-making friend, I am on to you.  I noted breast tenderness even before the transfer.  Later this week I will not be tricked into thinking this is a sign of pregnancy.  I told Rocco my Breast Update and he just looked at me as if to silently ask how I knew my breasts were tender.  Silly man, doesn't he know the poking and prodding we do behind closed doors looking for A Sign?  

Lesson Number Two: Corral your urine
I also learned to pee in a cup.  Despite the term POAS, dipping the stick is the preferred method.  Managing an optimal urine stream is impossible when your hands are shaking.  I would like to have Rocco by my side this time.  I plan to POAS day 8.  (I have the blood test on day 11.  Hell if I am waiting that long.) 

Lesson Number Three: Fiberize yourself
Metamucil is now part of my diet.  All of these meds (I bet it is that damn progesterone) slow you down.  The Metamucil isn't that bad.  They are telling the truth, *no grit!*  But you can imagine, it leads to some interesting moments when Rocco is injecting daily meds into my rear end.  Thank jaw I am working from home this week as I, well, I stink.


  1. LOL. Thanks for the tips. Good luck with the wait!

  2. Citrucel is much better that Metamucil and easier on your system. I have the tablets and you can even get them at Costco. Hope that helps and good luck!


  3. Thanks for the tips! I actually use Benefiber which I can stomach better than Metamucil. : )

  4. Your posts are always a your twitter update too!!

  5. Lesson #3 cracked me up. We have a GI illness in our little girl and her toots are KILLING us right now.

    Hang in there!!

  6. I second the citrucel tablets! I am alive because of them. I had some, ahem, incidents in my third trimester that would make your toes curl -- until I went on those pills.

    Hang in there. The wait is crazy-making, no matter how many times you've done it.

  7. LOL!

    I can see it's going to be an interesting 11 day wait on the Roccie Road.

    Day 8 for your first POAS though? You surprise me, Roc!!!

    Looking foward to every update...sumthin' tells me this is gunna be fun!!!

    LS x

  8. Roccie! I've been out of the blog loop for a bit (as you know) and I hadn't seen any of your posts since Oct. 16. Until now! I am so excited for you! Here's hoping time flies by! P.S. Thanks for the tips ;) You rock, as usual.

  9. Thanks for the advice. And I LOVE the illustrations!

  10. My twitter update has since changed in case you happen to look over, read it and find our friend Lisa a bit mean spirited...

    The Freak is starting. I did not expect it so soon.



  11. everything crossed for you!!! xoxo.

  12. Awesome illustrations! Good to know your flatulence is like lovely summer flowers.

    As for this wait, JAYZUS, the hardness of waiting! If there were a cure, you'd have found it by now. But I'll say a little secular prayer for you every day--we're all waiting by your virtual side.

  13. Could not agree with you MORE about fiberizing your diet. Holy crap, I am always blocked up down there after all the drugs. I keep telling my clinic that the drugs have this affect on me but they keep looking at me weirdly and saying that they've not heard of these side effects! Are they mental? I think so. However, I have a question for you about the metamucil... because I was on quite a few meds after transfer and I remember reading something about metamucil that you shouldn't take it within a few hours either side of other medication as it affects absorbtion - have you heard this? I found it really hard to time when to actually take the damn metamucil because I had so many meds that I needed to take throughout the day and there never seemed to be a big enough gap to slot the metamucil into. God this has turned into a novel. Sorry about that.
    I so want this for you Roccie. xxx

  14. Excellent feedback dear egghunt.

    Too bad all my important meds go up my va-nice-ness.

    I will keep it in mind with my prenatal, baby aspirin and fish oil. Good stuff, I didn't know this.


  15. Haha, love your post! Here from cycle sista wishing you good luck during your 2 WW!!! Hope there is good news waiting for you on that stick!

  16. You're a freak. Coming from me, that's a supreme compliment. And now you're a tooting freak. Awesome!
    Thank you very much for the post-transfer tips. I will be revisiting this post if I ever get there myself as I hold you as someone of infinite wisdom.

  17. That last graphic makes me smile. Love it.

    And yeah. Srsly backed up. Fiber pills every night. Flax granola every morning. And probiotics that are suposed to help that sort of... issue.

    AND? Prune and Pineapple mocktails. Trust me. It's the mocktail of the progesterone inclined.

    Um. Still? I had problems.

    Good luck to you in that... and of course! That sticky sticky embryooooo!

  18. LMAO at lesson 2! It's also the only way you can get really obsessive and dip a different brand of stick if you're not happy with the results of the first one. :) But I am hoping your first one goes so well you won't need any more!

    Have you tried the granola bars with added fiber? I once forgot they were the fiberlicious kind during a "chocolate NOW" kind of day. Now they are not allowed in the house.

  19. It could be like a combined Olympic event: knowing the exact geography of one's boobs and aiming one's pee with wicked precision. I think there would be a few gold medalists among us.

    Progesterone is the devil. May have to try the prune and pineapple mocktail that Dead Cow Girl suggests....

  20. Oh Roccie I have everything crossed for you. Even the ample hair on my big toes... And I so am with you on the flatulence. I have turned into an unrecognisable feral. I won't even mention the stuck on the toilet incident due to lack of fibre.. oh I just did. Well forget it please. All the best Roccie. I am with you all the way. My only advice is to forget about it as much as possible and when you think about it, think all positivity. I am sending positive across the seas. BFP!!!! BFP!!!! I am on normafibe or something or other. ;)