Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fucking daffodils

Hello April.  Fuck you and your fucking daffodils.

Mannie's anniversary passed with a slow and painful drag.  One single person remembered the day she died.  Several helped me to quietly celebrate the day I met her.

Rocco forgot.  My family forgot.  I guess people move on and assume I am done mourning her.

I got some news on the anniversary.  Our recipient family is pregnant. Right now it just hurts a little bit more.  But I think as I grow into this it will add a wonderful element of hope to a grim day.

Friday, April 12, 2013


Sometimes you just get so behind in your reader, you cut your losses and commenting is a luxury.  Especially for you nutters that have that law awful word verification code still turned on.  Have mercy, for a girl reading on a phone, it is an instant comment killer.

I have enjoyed the enthusiasm a few of you have had with me turning on comment moderation.  I got tired of too many compliments in poor English from people trying to get me to view their bar scanner websites.  Your comments are sent to me in email.  Sometimes I try not to approve them the instant you post them in an effort to look like I dont THRIVE on comments.  Usually though, you get a near real time post.

Rocco got a promotion.  Formerly imminent financial demise is now a thing of the past.  I am so happy I could barf.  Still think we will downsize, but on our own time.  We are robbing Peter to pay Paul to close out my 401k Lets Make A Donor Egg Baby Loan, but it should work.  Stress levels are down.

Leah has been a beast lately and I think my parenting skills are poor.  Sucks.  Stress levels back up.

Recipient family has transfer in less than a week.  It will feel like my own personal TWW.

Much love from your quiet friend,