Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let it be, let it be: 3dp5dt

Where is the tug?  Where is the pull?

Where is all the activity I should be feeling in my uterus right now?

I felt it with Toddlerina.  I felt it with our FET, though it ended in miscarriage at 6-7 weeks.

I did feel a pinch.

A pinch is not a pull.

A pinch is not a tug.

I sound like Dr. Fucking Suess.

A pinch is the cramp you feel after having tubes in your uterus.  It was the same day as transfer.  This is not implantation.

Where is my pink wipe?

I think I might die.


  1. I get what you're saying, but all this means nothing. nada.

    I felt absolutely ZERO tugging, pulling, had no bleeding, spotting, nothing. I just pee'd on the stick and voila! There it was. No real symptoms leading up to the bfp.

    Every pregnancy is different, so hang in there friend - day 8 is just around the corner.

  2. Roccie, you can't be messin' with your head like that. You DON'T have any hard data right now, so any conclusions you come to are not based in facts. I think going back to breathing is a much better idea than trying to peer into a crystal ball. This is me gripping you firmly by both shoulders and telling you to EFFING CHILL!!! (in a loving way)

    The peeing on things and the betas are up soon, and you will receive factual information at that point.

  3. I managed to "feel symptoms" every time I was not pregnant and NOTHING the time I did get pregnant. So hang in there, I'm sending good thoughts your way.

  4. Roccie,
    I didn't have a tug or a pull or a pinch.
    Chill, baby chill. And don't eat your kitchen table.

  5. I am with you in the trying not to worry about the lack of symptoms way. My husband said it best when he said "Your reproductive system is like a Rubik's cube with a couple of stickers missing. Stop trying to make sense of it." : )

  6. Oh gooooood, it's so scary. BUT! Ladies have different symptoms with different pregnancies. And maybe tomorrow will bring a tug and a pull and a pink wipe! I pray that it will be so. Or not, but that you're pregnant.

  7. Deep breaths. We are all rooting for you!

  8. You are making yourself NUTS! Stop the insanity!! lol. I know, I know...so much easier said than done. I get it. But, seriously...try to distract yourself. Go to MapCrunch and hit GO...that should take up some time and be a fun distraction.

  9. Some people feel lots, some people feel nothing - so none of it means anything!

    Hey, you know what? I'm around 10DPO so we're cyclesistaz! I feel nothing, too. (Except crazy most of the time...)

    If you send me your address, I will UPS you a white squirrel (just can't promise it will be alive when it gets there...)


  10. I know...largely my crampiness ended at 3dp5dt and the ute tugging kind quit at 5dp5dt. So maybe your beans are just happy where they are!! Easier said than done. Are you a POAS addict like me? DON'T DO IT!!!!!

  11. I think you can't win either way because if you had the tug and the pink wipe you'd still doubt things anyway. It's the way this crazy game works.

    I recently read something (maybe it was on the circl+bloom website, I can't remember exactly) that said that when we are going thru infertility treatments we are so hungry for black and white and definitive answers that we find ourselves picturing the worst case scenario because it is our minds way of giving us what we want (an answer). But if we could just accept that not knowing is perfectly ok and natural then we'd be much better equipped to deal with these situations. Apparantly it's a part of life to not have answers for everything. Like the title of your post says, sometimes we just gotta let it be.

    But hell, I know thats not easy. Hugs.

  12. Thinking of you and hoping for a good result!

  13. Symptoms are optional at this stage! Hang in there, it's tough!

  14. Roccie, Roccie my love. Stop over analysing. I was confused as hell by my body and there was nothing specific that pointed out an impending pregnancy to me. Nothing. No pink. Nada!

    I am thinking of you!!!!!

  15. Would you, could you with a pinch?
    Would you could you with a finch?
    With a tug or with a wipe?
    On a rug or in a pipe?

    Sorry, couldn't help myself. Hang in there, kid, and hold off with your analytical, mathy-headed ways for another few days if you possibly can. Ain't doin' nobody an ounce of good with all the guessiness. Especially not my friend Roccie.

  16. Stop over analyzing!! Enjoy our POPU time until it's officially called pregnancy!


  17. Take a deep breath, I repeat, deep breath and stop that mind from over-analyzing things! That is an order, do you here me? Deep breath, you are doing everything you can to make this work and at this point in the ride you've just got to hold on and remember that surprises happen all the time in this crazy roller coaster IF ride.

  18. The wait is the worst, hang in there.

  19. The tww is the worst. You know that these symptoms (or lack there of) don't mean anything in particular. It is all just a giant mind f*ck.

    Much love to you and many, many hugs. Still holding hope in my heart for you and this little embie...

  20. Thinking of you. It's still too early to tell. Fingers crossed.

  21. Ah, the obsession....there should be a song about that specific to IF. Until then, (just like your title) I'll settle for the Beatles: ♫ Let it be, let it be... Speaking words of wisdom, let it be ♫ ;-)

    ::fingers & toes crossed::

  22. Hang in there! Intuition at this point is wrong as often as it's right. So don't second guess yourself, and just count down the days until you'll know for sure.

    You asked how I'm getting through my 2ww: firstly, by being happy it's 10 days, not 14. :) Bedrest was just Sunday, then low key days Monday and Tuesday. Watched Gossip Girl discs, read a lot, worked on some hobbies. Trying to have at least one thing scheduled a day from now until next Wednesday, just to keep my days a little mixed up and to get me out of the house.

    Sending good thoughts your way!

  23. This pregnancy is the first where I didn't feel "internal prodding" before a positive test - and the 6 where I did all ended in an early loss. I was CERTAIN that I was not pregnant this time round. But here I am now - 32 weeks pregnant! Am wishing you all the best and hoping for good news soon.

  24. Hang in there, M'lady! I hated this time during my cycles but I'm feeling veeeeery positive for you! I've read so many success stories with donor eggs lately and I'm think you're going to be one of them! So hang tight! You're almost there! Thinking of you lots even if I have been a lazy ass commenter and blogger! Whoa, Joey!

    Lots of love!

  25. Roccie,

    Egghunt is right - if you had cramps and pink on the TP, you (and all of us) would be thinking it was from progesterone suppository irritation, progesterone induced cramps, etc. I'm also having a cycle where I feel absolutely nothing and I'm on 800 units of progesterone a day. I should be reeling over with cramps and I feel nothing.

    I'm on the crazy boat with you sista.

    Big hugs.