Friday, December 17, 2010

The yin and the yang


Who is going to get all this work, shopping and cooking done cause it isn't me.  Bleh.  I have an astronomical amount of work to do right now.

Can I get an amen from my sisters?

I feel a little under it all.  I don't have much to say.  It certainly isn't interesting.  Do you really want to see a list of all the crap I haven't even started yet?  Nay.


All that complaining you just read?  That isn't me.  I went to see Dr. Crazy Meds yesterday and switched to a new prescription.  Stay tuned for a much more enjoyable Roccie.

I am not in a place where I can really write, but I can show you just the girl who can.  Please step over to my friend Rosie's house.  She sent me the spirit of Christmas in a box.

The essence of friendship in a manila envelope.

Hope hanging on a tree.

Rosie you are one in a million and I love you.

Thank you for everything.

If you want to know what I look like, you can see me in the red ornament.

I feel like a Led Zeppelin album cover.

Hell, yeah.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Redefining Advanced Maternal Age

Big drum roll, I am 40 now.

It is a milestone birthday. I believe I am obligated to stop, take inventory and assess my life at a nice round number like this. Eek.

You get a lot of hassle from anyone who is not 40. It is hard to find a sympathetic ear.

If you are younger than 40, you think "age is just a number". If you are older than 40, you think I am bitching about being "old". Only my buddies from high school get it, old farts that they are.

It has been tough timing. I am souped up on my new medication. Not a big fan. It makes me queasy and I have a really hard time sleeping. Really hard, like flip the pillow for the cold side and end up performing previously mentioned life analysis. Every night. Several times a night.

I had to travel for work just after my birthday. Just me - no coworkers. Lame. I miss Toddlerina so badly I cannot see straight. Get me home. I wanted to participate in the conference, but I was disconnected.

Hrumpf. I head into the psychaitrist next week. Hopefully we can sort this out. I feel better but I cannot say I feel good. Now I know I am depressed. I have the world going for me but I want more. And less. And different.

Here is another thought. What if in my honesty I give a bad rap for recipents of donor eggs? What if I scare off potential donors? What if they read this and think recipients are unstable?

Crap. I really don't think I am unstable, but I am not myself. Hard to explain.

A couple housekeeping issues:

If you could not get the video due to my poor imbedding skills, please click the following link. It cracks me up just thinking about it.


I would al so like to formally introduce and thank my friend Lady Pumpkin of Planting a Pumpkin Patch.

She is the Pumpkin I so fondly celebrated in my last post. I thought I was being clever in the way I talked about her, figuring everyone knew her. If you don't, drop by and get to know her. She is a nutter and takes good care of me. You would be lucky to have her on your side as well.

Best wishes on your POAS Pumpkin.... you will POAS, I assume???