Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Everything is coming up Roccie

No gestational diabetes.

Outgrew my placenta previa.

Toddlerina went to sleep in her Big Girl Bed without me by her side.  I actually left the room when she was still awake.  This is serious progress.

All in all, I suddenly feel like I am waaaaaay ahead for once.  Ahhhh....

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Drama from your Momma

I went into the OB for my glucose tolerance test to see if I have gestational diabetes.

Law, I know I ask for a lot, but please don't give me the diabetes.  It is some hard ass work that I don't want to do.  I tested high with Toddlerina, my mother now has diabetes and I am over 35... ahem.

I choked down the drink and sat watching the instructional video on how to recognize preterm labor.

Glinda the Good OB comes in and pauses the movie.  

Says she is glad I am here.  

Says she was going to call me.

Alarms are going off all over in my head.

Holy shit show in the making.

What bomb is she about to drop.

Guess who is leaving the practice and turned in her resignation yesterday.



We talk about the reason she is leaving... read your Evil OB stories here.  

Actually, Glinda doesn't directly acknowledge this is why she is leaving, but when I tell her I am not surprised, we both look at each other knowingly.

I will follow Glinda.  I don't get to know where she is going yet as The Evil One will sue Glinda if she tells her patients.  In fact, Glinda is only telling two of her patients she is leaving.

Not sure how the other Glinda patients find out, but surely they will be told.  Glinda says might have some work to ensure she can perform our c-section, but I think our surgery will be on Glinda's very last day with NW Suburban House of Mean and Insensitive OBs.

I am happy for Glinda.  I am happy for me.  

I cannot wait to have the exit interview of a lifetime when I tell Evil OBs R Us why I am leaving the practice.  Oh, you can bet I will be explicit in my detail.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sighting: Decent Fertile

We had our semi-annual babysitter Saturday night.  Maybe I exaggerate, but honestly not by much.  Working full time, managing the Terrible Twos of Toddlerina and worrying about this pregnancy pretty much consume all of my energy.

I won a prize at the party for my shoes.  There is no confidence booster like winning a prize for Sexiest Shoes at the party, even if you know deep down it was rigged for you to win because everyone laughs to see a belly teetering in wedge heels.  

Men competed for Oldest and Foulest Shoe (no, it was not Rocco, whew).  All of us competed for Shoes that Have Seen the Most Miles (China).  It was a fun ice breaker even though most of us knew each other.

I met a new face at the party.  Not many people knew we were pregnant, so I felt like the belle of the ball with my belly.  Poor new gal happened to be in my circle long enough to have to hear me accept congratulations over and over.  This new gal told me she has three children.  She is a trained nurse, but currently not working.  

You know, she says, I really wanted to be at home with my children.

Isn't that just soooooooo nice for you, thought Bitter Infertile Roccie, constantly jealous of every family story she hears that sounds like a fairy tale to her.

I do a good job hiding my bitterness.  I made some jokes to new gal why she had to endure such revelry around my pregnancy.  Had she known me that last two years, she would have been corned with my Fertility War battle stories.  She would have known not to get trapped with me at a party unless she wanted to know all the details of my uterus and constant pursuit of pregnancy.

The Fertile shakes of her wolf clothing.  She has four retrievals, two cancelled retrievals and more FET than I can remember under her belt.  Sadly, she also has several miscarriages in the whole process.  She is clearly healed and lively when she shares her story.

I tell her I love her and ask her if she would like to be my best friend forever and ever.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wait for it...

If you can make it to the end of this and not cry, well, you might be made of stone.


Photo by Stacie via Flickr.

I am so glad I didn't miss it thanks to an ever watchful Danielle.  I owe you a big one.

Friday, August 5, 2011

What is it about Fertiles and water?

I saw him do a double take at me across the parking lot this morning.  We reached the steps at the same time and walked up to the the office together.

Fertile moron:  I wouldn't drink the water around here.

Trust me, it isn't the water.

Fertile moron:  Well, look at you. 

Never, ever assume pregnancy is easy.  

Especially for the Senior Mommas like me.

Fertile moron:  Sure seems like there are a lot of You Guys in the office.

I worked very, very hard to get here.  

Never, ever assume pregnancy is easy. 

I can only assume this is his way of saying Congratulations to me. 

Fertiles, you continue to make me insane. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Attack of the placenta previa nerves

I guess I do not cope well with stress.  I bet my family and friends would line up to tell you this is the truth.  

I had my follow up appointment to review my 20 wk u/s results today.  I had the whole live long morning to sit and speculate, plus I worked from home.  Never a good idea to have unchaperoned Roccie home with Dr. Google before an appointment.

First offense:  I ate almost an entire bag of Chicago style popcorn - the kind that is half cheese and half caramel.  I ate the whole bag in just over 24 hours but 90% was chowed today.  Sigh.

Second offense: I got mad at Resolve.  Who gets mad at Resolve??  This tightly wound momma.  Gah.  Not my proudest moment.  

It appeared the Resolve post was slinging desperation and partnering it with donor eggs and surrogates.  So, I let 'er rip.  I spouted on Twitter and, worse yet, I spouted on FB.  Can't really hide when you run yer yap on FB.  I guess I could have just deleted the comment, but I felt like I owed the follow up apology and moreover, I owed the explanation as to what my confusion was all about.

By the time I got my hot head to the OB I was feeling much more calm.  I think the blowup and massive sugar come down expelled all that negativity.  There really has to be a better way.  Shame I haven't learned a healthy method in my 40.5 years...

Glinda had a lot of optimism to share around the placenta previa.  Mine is marginal, meaning it is encroaching in the 2 cm safety zone that should exist between the cervix and the placenta.  

Best news is that is can get better or stay the same.  Getting worse is not really an option with placenta previa.  How about that one?  Whew.  So I am back in 4 wks for another u/s.  I made the appointment in my OB office as I can schedule around the Biggest Jerk In the World, the Evil OB.

Glinda had phoned last week around my long wait in the office.  Her message was thoughtful and personal.  She was very apologetic as she was caught in an emergency c-section.  Guess who was at fault for it?  Evil OB.  Ha, small world.  

It was a funny and sweet bonding moment with Glinda and Roccie vs. placenta previa and the Evil OB.