Thursday, August 18, 2011

Drama from your Momma

I went into the OB for my glucose tolerance test to see if I have gestational diabetes.

Law, I know I ask for a lot, but please don't give me the diabetes.  It is some hard ass work that I don't want to do.  I tested high with Toddlerina, my mother now has diabetes and I am over 35... ahem.

I choked down the drink and sat watching the instructional video on how to recognize preterm labor.

Glinda the Good OB comes in and pauses the movie.  

Says she is glad I am here.  

Says she was going to call me.

Alarms are going off all over in my head.

Holy shit show in the making.

What bomb is she about to drop.

Guess who is leaving the practice and turned in her resignation yesterday.



We talk about the reason she is leaving... read your Evil OB stories here.  

Actually, Glinda doesn't directly acknowledge this is why she is leaving, but when I tell her I am not surprised, we both look at each other knowingly.

I will follow Glinda.  I don't get to know where she is going yet as The Evil One will sue Glinda if she tells her patients.  In fact, Glinda is only telling two of her patients she is leaving.

Not sure how the other Glinda patients find out, but surely they will be told.  Glinda says might have some work to ensure she can perform our c-section, but I think our surgery will be on Glinda's very last day with NW Suburban House of Mean and Insensitive OBs.

I am happy for Glinda.  I am happy for me.  

I cannot wait to have the exit interview of a lifetime when I tell Evil OBs R Us why I am leaving the practice.  Oh, you can bet I will be explicit in my detail.


  1. can i come with you?

    i have some choice words of my own for her.

    thank you for the email...i am going to write you back soon. not bc i have to, bc i want to.

  2. Wicked, wicked OB.

    Hopefully Glinda will be able to care for you til the end.

  3. Oh dear. I really hope the timing all works out and I can't wait for the day of your post all about putting that witch in her place.

    Please no beetus. Keep us posted.

  4. Oh, to be a fly on that wall. I would love to watch that exit interview!

  5. I think in addition to giving the evil one a piece of your mind, you should perform some voodoo on her. I wonder if nasty ppl KNoW that they are nasty or if they sadly just live in denial. Or, they know it and love that they are nasty individuals? Regardless, glad the good witch told you what's up and that you can follow her :o)

  6. Sweeeeeet! So happy Glinda recognizes the need to not abandon you with the monster. And hell, thanks to google, it seems pretty feasible to find her again. You know, for next time...Kidding. For your follow up visits, obviously.

  7. A similar thing happened to me, pre-TTC. I showed up for my annual pap and was told my OBGYN had been "dismissed from the practice" and as the practice wasn't in her name, she had no legal right to her patients' info. But I found out through the grapevine (my hairdresser) pretty easily where she went. : )

  8. Oh to be a fly on the wall when you do the exit interview...

  9. I read this post yesterday and it gave me nightmares (daymares?) for the rest of the day yesterday and morning today until I got to see my perinatologist (who is like my own personal version of Glinda, but a man...) At the end of my appointment, he was like, "Oh, I have some news..." and I was like "NOOOOOOOOOO" and then he told me they were adding another peri to their office, but that it wouldn't affect my care whatsoever, as the new doc will be coming on mid-October, which is when my c-sec is scheduled for. I still had him assure me he wasn't leaving, just in case there's another go at this whole pregnancy business left in me after this one...

    And yeah, I think you should bring some of us to your exit interview so we can chime in, as well. What do you say?

  10. Please secretly record that exit interview and post the transcript here. I can already feel the standing ovation that will follow... Yay for following Glinda and leaving Evil OB behind!

  11. This is unpleasant news (very unpleasant).

    Your post puzzles me for a couple of reasons.
    Exit interview? You're going to make an appointment with the purpose of explaining to the ob that you're no longer staying with her? Is this the only way to get your records?

    Sue Glinda for telling patients where she's going? Is that legal?! The practice 'owns' you?
    I go to a group practice, but I decide whether I want to follow a doctor who leaves or not. The bonus of the group practice is simply that the other docs have access to my records if necessary.

  12. Yeah you get to follow her.

  13. SO glad you get to follow her. You need HER. <3

  14. Hope this works out best for the both of you! Sounds like a minor glitch that will bring more happiness all around.

  15. So glad you at least get to stay with her until the birth! And good on her for leaving the jackass OB behind her!

  16. Do it! Very glad she let you in on the secret. The care of a doc we trust is so so so important.

  17. Bless her heart, that Glinda. She is one awesome professional who values the gift of human relationships (as opposed to the litigious Dr. EVIL OB, who, by your descriptions, has the warmth of a cement floor basement). Glad that she told you, even if she wasn't supposed to, and even more glad she can do your c-section. Hey, and Roccie, please don't have diabetes. We already went through this, Universe, after the SCH, Roccie's pregnancy was going to be easy and wonderful.

  18. yo, roccie!

    glinda sounds like she's some kinda wonderful! so follow her sister...wherever she goes!

    hoping that your sugar test comes back negative and you can coast through the rest of this pregnancy!

  19. Lay it on. They deserve everything that is coming at them. I'm glad you are in the know about Glinda. And I am glad that there is a Glinda.