Monday, August 1, 2011

Attack of the placenta previa nerves

I guess I do not cope well with stress.  I bet my family and friends would line up to tell you this is the truth.  

I had my follow up appointment to review my 20 wk u/s results today.  I had the whole live long morning to sit and speculate, plus I worked from home.  Never a good idea to have unchaperoned Roccie home with Dr. Google before an appointment.

First offense:  I ate almost an entire bag of Chicago style popcorn - the kind that is half cheese and half caramel.  I ate the whole bag in just over 24 hours but 90% was chowed today.  Sigh.

Second offense: I got mad at Resolve.  Who gets mad at Resolve??  This tightly wound momma.  Gah.  Not my proudest moment.  

It appeared the Resolve post was slinging desperation and partnering it with donor eggs and surrogates.  So, I let 'er rip.  I spouted on Twitter and, worse yet, I spouted on FB.  Can't really hide when you run yer yap on FB.  I guess I could have just deleted the comment, but I felt like I owed the follow up apology and moreover, I owed the explanation as to what my confusion was all about.

By the time I got my hot head to the OB I was feeling much more calm.  I think the blowup and massive sugar come down expelled all that negativity.  There really has to be a better way.  Shame I haven't learned a healthy method in my 40.5 years...

Glinda had a lot of optimism to share around the placenta previa.  Mine is marginal, meaning it is encroaching in the 2 cm safety zone that should exist between the cervix and the placenta.  

Best news is that is can get better or stay the same.  Getting worse is not really an option with placenta previa.  How about that one?  Whew.  So I am back in 4 wks for another u/s.  I made the appointment in my OB office as I can schedule around the Biggest Jerk In the World, the Evil OB.

Glinda had phoned last week around my long wait in the office.  Her message was thoughtful and personal.  She was very apologetic as she was caught in an emergency c-section.  Guess who was at fault for it?  Evil OB.  Ha, small world.  

It was a funny and sweet bonding moment with Glinda and Roccie vs. placenta previa and the Evil OB.


  1. So glad the placenta previa isn't going to be a problem. It also sounds like the Glinda is taking rely good care of you.

    I LOVE Garrets popcorn in that flavor...yummy!

  2. Glad your pp nerves are behind you. Speaking of Resolve I know the page where they tell pregnant women not to complain, but I also know well that 90°+, 75% humidity, and pregnancy hormones do not add up to an even keel, calm, cool, and collected pregnant lady. Please be patient with yourself. Maybe best this happened on a work from home day so there were no victims among your co-workers or vendors.

  3. This is great news! I am still somewhere between marginal and partial and approaching three months in bed which is pure craziness, I am so happy you can be a somewhat "normal" prego! You know as normal as we infertile peeps get:). Hugs to you!

  4. Time to breathe a little. I wish the news had been totally good, but I'm happy the option to get better exists. GET BETTER!

    That should do the trick. And yeah, be kind to yourself. This is hard stuff even when you're full of naive optimism that everything will be perfect. Hold tight--you're getting closer every day.

  5. Whew! glad to hear about the PP. Yeah! I'm don't know what the Resolve post was about but you definitely deserve to feel what you feel. So give yourself a break! Can't wait to see the pics of the new baby. And while your at it post some belly pics, please.

  6. First, that popcorn sounds amazing. Second, Resolve can be annoying sometimes...I'm glad you spoke up for yourself. I look forward to following your blog, as I am new to this whole world. P.S Just read your 'about me' and I also have roughly five sharps containers sitting in my basement. lol

  7. You're so damn funny. Happy to hear the PP ;) is holding off and who cares about Facebook, sometimes those people need a reality check too. And like Bunny said, be kind to yourself, Woman (even if that involves plowing through a bag of poopcorn). ♥

  8. Hey I'd have ate two bags of that popcorn! Never heard of such a concoction before - yum-oh!! You may still be scared $hitless with your PP prognosis...but I am very optimistic. I think it sounds very promising and that it will improve significantly yet. And will have to hunt down the Resolve've got me fired up too...

  9. Can you please move to Massachusetts so we can be BFFs??

    That thing is going to move -- no doubt in my mind. If my hopeless complete previa could get out of the way, your marginal one will surely get the memo.

  10. Well, sometimes, after a nice bag of popcorn, one just has to let it all out. Especially when being peeved in matters of infertility and its treatment. Especially on a the day of an OB appointment. And frack, where else but on twitter, FB and whatnot? It is now the old "place publique" I'm just sorry Resolve was silly enough to taunt you on such a day.
    Very good news regarding the pp and the potential for staying the same or GETTING BETTER! What infertile has ever heard of that?...things getting if.
    Well, if the lovely Glinda says it, it must be true.
    Glad all is well, Roccie.

  11. You can go off on whoever you want to. I'll even volunteer to be a surrogate target if you don't want to yell at the real recipient of your rage. :)

    Glad to hear the PP is only marginal and can get better. And you still get more ultrasounds!

  12. Desperate in connection with IF - not a good combo.

    Glad to hear your OB had encouraging news about the placenta.

  13. Glad you got some reassurance about the placenta previa.

    I had the Chicago popcorn for the first time last month. Yummy! Although I'm a caramel + nuts girl myself. Anyone else remember Screaming Yellow Zonkers - LOVED those growing up...

    Sounds like Glinda is taking good care of you.

  14. meh I get mad at all kinds of people for all kinds of (sometimes irrelevant and misinterpreted) things! And I have been known to go off on a FB rant (or 50) in my time. Rant on lady - it feels good ;)

  15. This is really good news. I hope you feel more at peace. And I'm glad to hear that Glinda apologized - as she should have. Yeah - stress+sugar+time+Google=DISASTER. Avoid avoid avoid that combination. No more than 2 of those at any one time, missy.