Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Safe. Take home complete.

Welcome home baby!

All is well.  We had a baby girl.  She is just right. She may be perfect.

I'm typing w one hand.

She looks like Jay, our DE baby. Ha! Oh, the humor of it all.

Everything is fabulously hard work.  I am delightfully exhausted.

I see less blowouts with cloth diapers.

I worked with a post partum doula and she was freakishly magnificent. My milk came in 3 days compared to the IVF and DE 5-6 days.

Bowls of pasta warmed 30 seconds to room temperature makes a good breakfast.

The Bigs are great with her. They love on her a little hard, but they're learning.

She was 6 1/2 pounds where my others were 8ish.  Tiny love.

Who knew.