Sunday, October 26, 2014

PPD. She beckons.

Hi old friends.

How I miss you guys. Planning to jump back into the world of posting, sharing and supporting. I've been gone so long.  My heart is heavy thinking of the times you may have needed me but I wasn't there. Or here.

Gotta give to take, right?  Make deposits to afford withdrawals.  I'm afraid I'm breaking that rule. I could use a little backing right now.

The Blues. I feel them lurking. Ah, shitballs. No autocorrect I don't mean spitballs. I mean fuck. I got not time for the post partum depression.

Haven't told Rocco yet. Apprehensive. Not a good sign, huh?  Probably all the more reason I need to open up. Maybe next week.

How you been. Give me a one sentence update please if you're still here?  I'm so very overwhelmed by my Giant Unread Reader Feed.  Tell me what I can do for you to make it up to you.

Much love,
Mother of a five month old
Mother of a almost 3 year old
Mother of a 5 year old
Mother to Mannie who is gone