Wednesday, December 19, 2012

B cup Baby

Life moves on and your baby stops breastfeeding.  Then you find out you are a B cup now and you get a little spring in your step, despite yourself.

I love my little Bs.  I was C pushing D forever.  You know the game, one of each really.

They look beautiful all tied up in a new bra that has no access doors.  Naked, yikes, that is a different story, but I AM A B!

Shallowly yours,

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Icing on my donor cake


I have lost hours reading about it.

DE contenders: RUN to join Parents Via Egg Donation.

I am not a forum kind of person, but I am now.  I joined up to read the forum and man alive epigenetics is delightful.

Surprise gifts

I came home after a baby sitter had Jay.  I have been an overwhelmed temporary single parent this wkend.  Nothing was clean - well it was all wet in the washing machine anyhow.

I went to put him in his jammies and he was wearing his PROP OF PETRI DISH ATHLETIC DEPT and FAMILY BY FEINBERG onesie - nothing else was clean.

It made me so happy.

I love donor eggs.

I love Jay.