Wednesday, October 31, 2012

And then the place was crawling with kids

Thinking of any readers who ache to call the goblin at the front door tonight their own.

Pulling for our adoptive families in process and in wait.

Pulling for our pregnant families who watch the toilet paper like their own personal Halloween horror show.

Thinking of families who are complete, but working to pull it all together the way they want it and the way it should be.

Someone bought my latte in line before me today at the S'bucks.  I play my good deed forward to all of you.

Happy Halloween and Happy Family Management.

Much love, 

(Who clearly will be doing her hair more frequently in pursuit of more free drinks.)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Request a refund for my donor egg worry

The scene was a play date.  It came up and I was telling it before I knew it. 

Easy.  The Donor Egg Reveal.

Other play date Momma asked some good questions.  We are close enough she could even ask the Springer style ones.  I laughed and remembered thinking that part was strange too.  Hard to remember how it is the first time you hear it all.

We had to leave early.  Leah hit Momma and that is a no no.  Not to mention really embarrassing.  Sigh.

I got a text from my Momma friend later with the last line thanking me for sharing my story about Jay.  Told me he is one special guy.

If I could get back a FRACTION of the energy I spent worrying my way through donor eggs.... ah, the wisdom we all acquire just a few minutes too late.

Friday, October 5, 2012

She is not one of us

Hate to be all Us and Them, but she isn't on the inside, well the DE inside anyhow.

I had my first appointment with the therapist after her maternity leave.  Comments about her baby's blue eyes underlined with both she and her husband have blue eyes.  Hmm.  There goes donor theory.

Then she says they want another.  I wait for reference for the number on ice, but she says she "wants to rescue a child from the planet" and adopt her next child.

What the fuck does that mean.

Mommas, can you weigh in and help me digest this one?  I can't tell if I am happy for her optimism or if she is a dick who has no idea what adoption can mean.

Your thoughts?