Sunday, December 2, 2012

Icing on my donor cake


I have lost hours reading about it.

DE contenders: RUN to join Parents Via Egg Donation.

I am not a forum kind of person, but I am now.  I joined up to read the forum and man alive epigenetics is delightful.


  1. Hey, Roccie. Say more about the epigenetics?

  2. It certainly is! I went to a lecture about it during the Edinburgh Book Festival and it was utterly fascinating - I love that my wee donor egg boy is partly who he is because I carried him.

  3. YAY!!! I am POSITIVE that LN10 has picked up my organizational/need to be tidy gene! I just know its because of epigenetics!!

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  5. I am so thankful that their are people like you out there willing to share your story of using DE! I am about to do my first DE/IVF cycle in February and it is so reassuring to read teh stories of people are are on the 'other side' and living a pretty normal family life! Just wanted to let you know I really appreciate it! Stop by my blog anytime to lend your words of wisdom!