Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Holding pattern

Me and my acne.  Sort of seems unfair in the grand scheme of things.  My aging and egg-less body, but I have the complexion of a fertile teen who is chock full of eggs. 

I promise you a picture one of these days, unless that is too crass?  I have a couple contenders brewing on my chin as we speak.  No pride and I will do anything for a laugh, especially when it is at my expense.

Toddlerina has been sick as a goat.  She is beastly when she is this sick.  I had my follow up with Glinda the Good OB yesterday.  Packaged up my sick little beast goat and took her with me since she was banished from school with The Fever.  

This is how much I wanted to have the appt and get the low down on the placenta previa.  That sentence about packaging took all my might.  There was just no pleasing Her Majesty.

Glinda kept me waiting for one hour.  Toddlerina read every book in the basket then ate her snack.  Now what?  We left the office with no sign of the good doctor in the house.  Hrmpf.

I wasn't mad, but I did play up the weary look on my face and pinched Toddlerina so she would be a sobbing mess when we walked out.  

Just kidding, but only because she didn't need the pinch to cue her inner beast.


  1. Damn. I'm sorry you couldn't see her - can they reschedule you soon? Like you, I'd be burning to know the status.

    And sorry to hear that Toddlerina was burning with a fever. (The sentence about packaging up your little beast goat made me laugh...well played:) I hope she exorcises the beast fever very, very soon.

  2. Sounds like a dream day.... or not. I can't believe they didn't tell you in advance that the doctor was unavailable. That way you could have stayed home and just come back another day.

  3. What? What?! They made you wait an hour and you still didn't get to see her? Can we still even call her Glinda? Very un-Glinda-like behavior.

    As for the acne at (almost) 40, yes, me too. Though I had a consult with a derm a month or two ago when it was starting to look almost like a rash and she prescribed me some preggo-friendly topical and told me to stop using fluoridated toothpaste (it's technically more a perioral dermatitis, a distant cousin of acne, she said, and the fluoride can exacerbate it). And guess what? Much better these days. I have to stickto my regimen of no-fluoride, washing with cetaphil and using eucerin sensitive skin SPF 30 moisturizer every day...but, I'm decidedly less spotted these days.

    Sending well wishes to Toddlerina.


  4. Oh, and, DUH, thinking of you, too and sending good thoughts and hoping you get in to see Glinda soon soon soon (and that it's all good news.)

  5. Hope toddlerina is feeling better soon. Can't wait to see pics of the new baby. :)

  6. I hate hate hate hate hate hate the waiting room. Seriously. WTF? If we do a no show, we get charged for the appointment.

    Ugh!!!! Hate hate hate!!!!!

  7. I also hate waiting. My OB appointments are always like 4 hours due to wait times and it so frustrating. Sorry. Ugh. Hope Toddlerina feels better soon. :)

  8. Oy, these OBs. How do they get away with this? It is an outrage.

    As a PCOS girl I feel your pain on the acne. I looked like I belonged on that pregnant teen show. The only assvice I can share on that front is exfoliation is your friend.

    Thanks for being my cheering squad. You made me feel sane for daring to hope today.

  9. First up, hope Toddlerina feels better soon. Poor thing.

    Second up, they didn't call you and get you in asap? That stinks. Hoping you get in soon!

    (I was lucky to have great skin during pregnancy...it is the rest of the time I suffer. Sometimes I feel just like the 12 year olds I teach--only with more wrinkles. Bleh.)

  10. LMAO, I thought you were serious about pinching the little one. Something I would be tempted to do if I had to wait and leave without seeing a doc. Hope the little one feels better already :o)

  11. I can't believe you weren't mad! What kind of saintly saint are you? And yeah, when does my face get to be beautiful and prefect? I've been waiting since puberty...

  12. You have the patience of a Zen master! Hope Toddlerina feels better soon and you get to see the doc again. And if you find something that helps the acne, pass the info along. :)

  13. Waiting rooms and late doctors, subjects that cause much ire. I hope that you get back in pronto with NO waiting whatsoever.

    Ps. I started calling the office 15 minutes ahead of an appt to see if the dr is running late. Madness.

  14. Uhg. Sounds like we have the same beast when sick. Horrible. I hope she is feeling better by now!

    Also - sounds like we have similar beasts on our chin. The ONLY thing that saves me these days is bare minerals night time treatment. LOVE it.

  15. I am sure they would have bumped you if you were an hour late for an appt. I was 15 minutes late for an emergency appt with the ENT when Ian was a new newborn - like a week old - because we were driving for the first time ever, 1 hour, and we had to nurse along the way because he was a crying mess. So yeah, we were 15 minutes late and I even called and said we were running late. And they still tried to bump us to an afternoon appt. Though I didn't have to throw a huge Toddlerina-sized hissy fit ... I was prepared to do so.

    And that sucks about the acne. I just can't stand those under-the-skin boilers. My OCD causes unmentionable damage to my face in those cases.