Monday, July 18, 2011

The danger of the ziplock

You should at least struggle slightly when eating cookies.  In the morning.  I don't care if it is green tea, you are still eating cookies for breakfast.  

Or second breakfast in my case.

The ziplock allows you to take a reasonable portion out to enjoy.

The problem is when the ziplock grants easy access to top off your napkin one more time.  Correct the poor tea:cookie ratio of your first batch.

We head in tomorrow for our level II ultrasound, aka the regular 20 week u/s to you young folk.  My senior status awards insurance approval for all the high end testing that a 27 year old egg doesn't really need.  I am delighted to take advantage of it.

I always worry a little bit that the technician might slip and say something about the sex of the baby.  We don't want to know.

That is my biggest worry right now.  Accidentally finding out the sex of the baby.  What.  Who am I???

Oh, donor egg, how I love thee.

Your price is high at times, but eventually you start to give back.


  1. Baby needs cookies. That's all there is to it. Thinking good thoughts for that ultrasound!

  2. I just ate four Dove dark chocolates in a row, so I have nothing to say about your morning cookie eating habits.

    May your ultrasound be as uneventful as that donor egg would predict, and may you get a very discreet tech.

  3. Good luck tomorrow. Oh I could go for a cookie right now. Lol.

  4. Good luck tomorrow. And accidently finding out the sex of the baby is not as bad as it seems (given that it happened to us!). It is loads of fun when people ask if you know what you are and you reply yep, but we are not telling (you!). Especially if you have family like mine!

  5. You might want to not look at the screen if you don't want to know the sex of the baby - luckily we DID want to know, because he was showing off what he had for all to see and I didn't need an US technician to tell me what I was looking at! Actually, since the sonographer was looking at the controls at the time, I told HER what we were having and all she had to do was confirm :-). Good luck and just enjoy the cookies!

  6. What an amazing feeling to not have to worry about all the things that can happen with "old eggs" (as my doctor calls them). But I can't believe you don't want to know the sex of the baby?? There's no way I could not know.

  7. Hope your appointment goes well today! How can it not?! Right? RIGHT! Thinking of you lots and happy you have that stash of cookies to keep your jaws busy at work! ♥ ;)

  8. Hope your u/s goes perfectly! We were, btw, the unwelcome recievers of a slip of the tongue by our u/s tech. We specifically instructed her mutliple times in the beginning of our appointment that we didn't want to know, and damn if that hobag still didn't slip in a gendered pronoun here and there. N didn't hear it, but I totally did. GAH. I was all, "Lady, we'd like to save at least ONE Hallmark moment of this pregnancy."

    Eat cookies and be merry, friend.

  9. I was a huge fan of 2nd breakfasts and 3 desserts while pregnant. Now paying for that. Back at work in ugly pants because my arse and thighs have not shrunk yet.

    ps I still like 2nd breakfasts. :)

  10. Enjoy the cookies, because there's no second breakfast on the weight watcher's plan. Too many points. (I'm projecting. I'm still losing the approximately ~25.9 metric fucktons of weight I gained to incubate my lovely son. I WILL BE DIETING FOREVER until I die. The end.) EVERYONE with a medical degree or a love of cookies knows that babies desperately crave and thrive on sweets in utero. So nom nom.

  11. this makes me so so so happy.