Friday, April 12, 2013


Sometimes you just get so behind in your reader, you cut your losses and commenting is a luxury.  Especially for you nutters that have that law awful word verification code still turned on.  Have mercy, for a girl reading on a phone, it is an instant comment killer.

I have enjoyed the enthusiasm a few of you have had with me turning on comment moderation.  I got tired of too many compliments in poor English from people trying to get me to view their bar scanner websites.  Your comments are sent to me in email.  Sometimes I try not to approve them the instant you post them in an effort to look like I dont THRIVE on comments.  Usually though, you get a near real time post.

Rocco got a promotion.  Formerly imminent financial demise is now a thing of the past.  I am so happy I could barf.  Still think we will downsize, but on our own time.  We are robbing Peter to pay Paul to close out my 401k Lets Make A Donor Egg Baby Loan, but it should work.  Stress levels are down.

Leah has been a beast lately and I think my parenting skills are poor.  Sucks.  Stress levels back up.

Recipient family has transfer in less than a week.  It will feel like my own personal TWW.

Much love from your quiet friend,


  1. Congrats on the promotion! Underlying financial worries can really sap the joy from a lot of the rest of life, as I hadn't ever realized until recently when both Joel and I became financially solvent (yay, no more grad school), and so many things became less stressful.

  2. Nice to hear from you! Less money stress is a good thing. Oh, and I think sometimes small children are just beasts sometimes, good parenting or no, so be kind to yourself.

  3. Well that is some good news. I had to turn on the captcha for a while because of the obscene comments I was receiving. I just turned it off again and will see how long it lasts before I start getting too much crap again.

  4. Captcha kills my comments. I echo said luxury. I am glad for a bit financial good news. Will try not to stalk for updates.

  5. I'm also having a hard time commenting on devices. I also haven't quite known what to say as someone on the other side of this equation. I will say this, though I know my TWWs and my first negative FET cycle were really hard for my donor. Hope first time's the charm for them.

  6. Glad to hear things have evened out.

    Hope everything goes well for the recipient.

  7. Yaaaaay Rocco! Yaaaaay not counting every single penny, just every other one! Oh recipient family! Here's hoping your dream is about to come true.