Monday, March 26, 2012

Money that isn't mine

Gah, money and medical procedures.  When will you stop haunting me.

I quit my job.  The terms of our 401k loan are to pay the outstanding balance within 90 days of separation from the firm.  We do have the money to pay off my 401k loan.... cause we are paying it off with Rocco's 401k loan.

I have some money in my bank account in the short term.  A nice, big five figure balance that isn't really mine.  It belongs to the loan.  Yes, technically it is mine, but it is due back in the hands of the loan master, the bank.

It has been burning a hole in my greasy little pocket.

Emmie tore her ACL.  Anyone have any experience with this?  Surgery is the only option and it rolls in at $2100.

I adore her.  She is my original Baby Before the Baby.

Emmie stayed by my side in my bed for 10 days when I didn't get up after the baby died.  I don't remember this time, but my mom did.  Gets me all weepy when I look at Big E.  Good dog.



  1. Congrats on quitting you job. Must be so freeing. My dog, Clara B., had this surgery right after Greyson died and it cost me about 3000. No choice as I knew I couldn't survive without her. The recovery was a bit rough as she was not allowed to do anything but hobble outside to pee for over a month. But after that you would never know she had a problem. I'm sure your pup will come through with flying colors.

  2. I had a roommate who had this done and her pup lasted into ripe old dog age with little signs she ever had a problem. I wish the money tree I planted had taken root as it was the frost of upcoming tax season that killed it beyond hope.

    I will wish a windfall that will help make this easier. Poor pup.

  3. Emmie is just devine. Pure and utter devineness. I'm sure she would have sat with you for as long as it took to bring you back after such an unspeakably terrible time for you. And you know what? She wouldn't expect anything in return, dogs are just absolute pure angels like that.

    How is it possible that doggies have a way of just melting all the crap away by giving us that look? I see it all the time in my pooch and I thank him for it, priceless.

    My best friend's dog had this exact same thing happen to him. They got it operated on a year ago (and swallowed the vets bill, what more could they do?) and he made a great recovery but unfortunatley has just done it again. It's really sad but they've decided that since he's still happy and the vet said he's not in any pain right now so they've decided not to operate on him again for now. he does limp like a mother f'r but he is very very happy and mobile still. They're treating him with some natural treatments to help lubricate his joints and keep him in good health. I'm not sure it would be my decision to do this, but if it really comes down to money (grrrr) then I guess this is an option to consider.

    Love to your Roccie, sorry i've been quiet. But I have been reading you as always.

  4. These are short term loans which are offered on the basis of borrower's upcoming guaranteed payday loans.

  5. Oh mama. Is surgery the only option? How is her health otherwise?
    One of my cats is almost 17 and clearly nearing the end, not much to do but watch and wait and help him get there comfortably when he can't eat or is in pain. Sucks.


  6. Hugs to you. I'd give you the $2100 if I had it. <3 <3 <3

  7. Aww, sweetie, I'm sorry. I know you'll find a way to take care of her, but I wish you didn't have this added stress.

  8. SUCH a good dog. The one I spooned, yes? I'm so sorry she's having to deal with this and that the money situation doesn't feel more secure. Sigh.

  9. Oh, the money we owe. Isn't that a pain in the bee-hind.

    Emmie. what a sweetheart. Look at her! She's adorable. I hope she can had her ACL all put back in order soon.

  10. Oh Roccie....I'm sorry to hear pup - a black lab too - was just diagnosed with elbow dysplasia....we've already spent around $1500 on x-rays, etc. and how we're going to spend another $3000 on surgery...after that, rehab will probably cost $1000....sigh....I do know someone who's dog tore his right hind cruciate and they opted for $1000 worth of water therapy instead, which seemed to work. That won't work in my pup's case, unfortunately, and it sounds like surgery is the only option for yours...How many readers do you have, my friend? Probably at least 100, no? I'd be more than happy to send you $25 towards the surgery and I'd bet a lot of others would, too....may not cover the whole thing, but some....let us know!

  11. ooop...that should have said "whose", not "who's"...

  12. What a gorgeous dog! Our dog Abbie looked just like her. We had to put her down when we couldn't afford her dialysis and it sucked big time. So I am keeping my fingers extra double crossed for a major windfall for you to help with the costs!