Sunday, March 22, 2015

Everything is coming up Rocco

Hi guys.

Baby has a fever.  She is napping in her own crib as of yesterday.  I therefore would like to proclaim the entire universe as mine.  Rockin' that baby not sleeping in my bed with a 2 foot nipple stretched into her mug.

I'm sick too.  But everything is coming up Rocco.  Huh.

I am sure I tempt fate.  I am sure I invite the Gremlins to wreck my fragile victory.  I'm still going to talk about it.

Toddlerina is ruling her kingdom with a kind and generous heart.

The children.  They fight a little less.  The time outs, time ins, quiet moments, slow down times, whatever the fuck I call them this wk.  They come less frequently.

I can plop slow moving baby in room with big children and not fear for her safety for up to 7 minutes.

Sticker charts, they reward.  Coupons doled out.  Prizes, they are claimed.

Oh yeah.

I read Jay the donor egg book finally.  Toddlerina, er, Kindergartenina, was listening in.  She heard Jaybird was from an egg.  She started screaming and calling him an alien.

He was delighted.


  1. Roccie, which book? Tiny Boy doesn't feel ready for that sort of thing yet...


      Mommy Was Your Tummy Big

      Totally lost on my guy but at least the seed is planted, in his big sister more than anyone!

  2. So glad to hear from you and to hear you are feeling positive (however fleetingly).

    We have tried reading a couple of egg donor books to our sons (we have Mommy, Was Your Tummy Big? and The Pea That Was Me), and they seem disinterested. They are 3.

    They find the fact that they were "little babies in Mommy's tummy" very funny, however. :-)

  3. Okay added that book to my registry. DH and I were going to try to explain the whole donor egg process to our LO eventually.

  4. I miss you. These are the most intense telegrams of Roccie.