Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day One and the ERA

Still have that big ass follicle, but we started Lupron today.  

I am in a good place right now.  Yes, I know the Lupron loonies will kill it, but I am happily buzzing around this wk.

We went away to stay in a cottage on A Great Lake.  It is not like us at all.  Poverty stricken by IVF, we dont do much of anything.  

We used a rental by owner website and sent a low ball offer for the upcoming wkend and it was accepted.  Great move.  Best move yet.  If you are already in debt, will another $500 crush you?  Of course not.  

There was a hot tub.  Oh, the JOY when he couldnt go in!  The swimmers cant take the heat and we need a good sample in a couple wks.  Ha!  I may not have wine or coffee, but for one wkend I had a fancy hot tub under the stars while he sat curbside. 

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