Thursday, September 26, 2013

Not much information yet

I am an Infertile.  This doesn't happen.  Plus I am 42, hell, I am almost 43.

I have no idea what is going on.  All the forms for my new OB (I am following Dr. Glenda the Good Witch to her new practice) keep asking for my last period date.  Who knows? Who cares?  Who tracks that sort of thing when it just doesn't matter?

There is a near 50% chance of miscarriage at the age of 42.  Funny, that is the exact number the article used to delineate when the Shit Show really kicks in.

I am going in tomorrow for an ultrasound.  Hopefully they will be able to find a fetal pole.  I haven't even allowed myself to hope for a heart beat.  Plus I think it is too early - isn't that at 8 wks?  Cannot remember.

I spent MONTHS accepting the fact we were to be a two child family.  It was the hardest thing about donating my embryos, knowing I was shutting the door on any chance of ever having another child.

My embryo recipient family is also pregnant.  24 weeks.  Sorry I forgot to announce that - I was filled with happiness, no regret or sadness.  Whew.  It is her family.

Think of me tomorrow, will you?


  1. So glad for another update. Praying for peace and health. And congrats on the recipient family! How exciting!!

  2. Will be thinking of you! This happens to the best (and worst) of us urban legends.

  3. My RE was a firm believer in the spontaneous pregnancy after (multiple) failed IVFs.

    Glass full, Roccie. Glass full.

    Wishing you the best tomorrow. Heartbeat and fetal pole both in the 6 week era.

  4. Oh Roccie wishing and hoping for the best tomorrow (I have had THREE spontaneous pregnancies after our fertility treatments and first 2 kids, one a loss, one my 17 month old and one my current pregnancy. Our issue was/is male factor.)

    Fetal pole starts at 6 wks, HB between 6-7 wks. I usually saw a HB around 6-6.5 wks. Hope that helps!


  5. This is the craziest shit ever, girl! I am still in shock.

    I've seen a HB at 6 weeks both time but the first time, it was VERY hard to find. In some cases, can take up to 7 weeks.

    So listen... try to be zen and think positive positive thoughts. I'm right here along side you on this one and sending you every positive thought I've got.

    Can't wait for an update. You got this.


  6. Done. Thinking of you. Wishing, hoping & praying.

    Oh, and looking to you as inspiration.

  7. Absolutely thinking of you Roccie!! Sending hope, love and thoughts! Also congrats on your recipient families good news, that's fantastic!!
    Stay strong and know we're all here to support you regardless of the outcome

  8. Sending you all my love and bet wished for tomorrow!



  10. wow! i will be thinking of you! good luck!

  11. Congrats, dear woman. And WOW. WOOOOOOWWWW!!
    I am and I will be thinking of you. I hope it goes very well.