Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome to the Shiny New Me

The one that Gets Shit Done.  On time.  (Forget "under budget" cause I am on maternity leave and frankly don't have the drive to deliver all that.)

The issue of insurance coverage has been resolved.  Floated up to senior management in our HR department and approved.

Baby Jay has been enrolled with full medical coverage, backdated to his birth date.

Let's be honest.  I was messing with FIRE.  We couldn't even roll over to Rocco's coverage if my firm refused me.

You all probably forgot, but I work with a more than a few bags of the finest douche.  I barely presented myself as professional to that bag when I had my final maternity leave planning meeting.

I was so smug.  Why should I be nice to her?  Why play games?  We all know we think very little of the other, so why be fake?  I will tell you why, just in case something like this ever came up!  Lesson learned.

Anyhow.  Out with the old and in with the new.  I am loving and forgiving and tolerant and now a BLISTERINGLY organized woman.



  1. ugh, i'm sure you were shitting a brick or two waiting for this to be resolved. soo glad it's done with. i would've been queen of smug with that chic as well, but lesson learned for all of us. wo'nt kill us to be nice. i suppose.

    big hugs to you :o)

  2. Roccie v2.0: kicking ass and taking names. I like.

  3. Ah sweet! Here I thought you were posting that you were making a pact to shower once EVERY day! As a new mom, that's hard to do in those early days...hell...even the days of a 6 mo old?! But good on you for getting Baby Jay's coverage in effect. Take care...love that your posts still make me bust out in a belly laugh.

  4. phew. so glad that insurance came through. Go forth and bewilder the world with your superior organizational skills.

  5. Oh PHEW. I'm glad the company chose this moment not to be total scumbags. But I hope this shiny new Roccie does not stick around to make us all feel inadequate.

  6. Oh God, Oh God, Oh God. The same thing happened to us - we forgot to enroll O in our family plan. And my husband and I BOTH dropped the ball on that one. We were also able to work it out and backdate it but...the reality of how things might have turned out actually made me nauseous. And I can't even blame my husband because he comes from a place where there's a national health and EVERYONE gets healthcare. And, basically, I'm the one who should have known.

    And, yes, it's amazing how things come back to haunt you. I still maintain, though, that that particular bag of douche deserved it. (And maybe even realized it). Glad she didn't take revenge.

    (And, by the way, I have several times repeated your "this is some hard ass work" in several dark moments...and it's helped knowing that someone else gave me the permission to say it.)