Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Now what?

This isn't going to be a post saying I don't know what to do with my blog (I don't).  This isn't going to be a post exploring my current lack of identity (I have none).  Oh, but they are a-brewing.

Jaybird is a champ.  I am starting to surface a little bit.  I need more sleep, but I am not willing to give up the free time I have when both littles are napping, so I must not be that tired.  Yawn.

Toddlerina is now home from school with me full time.  It is a very busy day doing a whole lot of nothing.  I have had two play dates in the last month.  Big successes, but no where near relaxing.  This is some hard ass work.

The play date that just left was a SAHM for the last 2 months as she switched jobs.  Her new job starts up next week.  She was so carefree and had no silver roots like me.  I noticed she was clean, too.  How does she make it look so easy?

Bitch has a nanny come 3 days a week for 5 hours.

Now how is that a SAHM?  Course, I would never let on to her that I think she is CHEATING.  I like her a lot.  I tried to swallow down my personal green eyed monster.

At least I know you need paid help to make it all so easy and I made a hair appointment next Saturday.

Clean will have to wait until Rocco gets home from work.


  1. My house would be damn clean AND I would have had a work out in AND dinner made, if I had an extra 15 HOURS of help each week. No green eyed monster here. ;) Glad you are resurfacing. Hope you are well.

  2. My sister was a nanny for awhile (and so were lots of her friends). All of the moms said they were SAHMs but they all had nannies at their homes between 30-40 hours a week. Blew my mind. That must be amazing! Also glad you are resurfacing.

  3. Sounds like life is awesome awesome!! Hang in there...ah...sleep's over rated anyway!

  4. Lol, I'd love a nanny! I feel guilty asking my husband to watch Tatoe so I can nap before I work the overnight shift, and paid help would totally solve that. And I'd cook more, and clean more, and I'd take care of my currently overgrown thicket of a ladygarden. TMI, but really? A nanny? Luxury. :)

    Enjoy the hair appointment and relax. You've earned it!

  5. Glad you are back! Bitch is totally cheating with a nanny :) I'm glad you are surviving the sleep deprivation with good humor!

  6. I had a nanny come for 8 hours a week, split over two days, for about a month before I returned to work. My baby was a clinger -- I could not put him down for even 5 minutes to go to the bathroom or take a quick prison shower or pour a glass of water. He was glued to me all day and most of the night. So I caved and asked a friend of a friend to come over and watch him for a few hours, twice a week, so I could shower, and go buy diapers, or get a decent haircut. It was glorious, and I swear to you if I'm lucky enough to get knocked up again I'll do it again. But I don't harbor any delusion that makes me a SAHM. Lunacy. I'm just sayin'.

    I bet it would be hard to have weekday childcare and then become a "SAHM" for two months with full-time responsibility and little adult interaction. Not that it makes her claim to be a "SAHM" any stronger, but I bet it would be hard. Hell, the 2 weeks off for the holidays nearly put me in an early grave. My kid's got energy to spare, y'all. He never stops. Never ever. God love him.

    Keep blogging, Roccie. About whatever. We love it.

  7. Oh, I'm sorry. I got lost for a second there in a daydream about how I'd spend FIFTEEN HOURS of nanny time during the week.

    Happy to hear from you, and the blogosphere would be duller without you, friend. Keep on' blogging!

  8. sounds like you are in heaven, Roccie. Happy New Year to you, dear woman.

  9. Yup my friend who is a SAHM has her kid in daycare 2 mornings a week. I am very jealous. Very very jealous, how bout a cleaning service? Yeah my friend has that too. Lucky rich bitch.

  10. 15 hours of nanny time and not working? Shit, when I went back to work there wasn't a second wasted on anything but WORK.
    Are you going back to work or is this your new gig forevs?

  11. Hi Roccie. I just popped in to introduce myself. Once apon a time I was a good friend who read and commented all the time but lately i've been accosted by the dark side and those mongrels in my head wouldnt let me comment. Hard as it may be to imagine, I do think of you often and am more grateful that I can verbalise of your little visits to my 'house' with your kind words and your no expectations. Love you dear woman, enjoy your nest!

  12. I have six nannies, each of whom works fifty hours a week, and I STILL can't seem to find time to vacuum or put on a pretty dress at the end of the day so my husband can still think I'm the bee's knees. AND my hair is totally grey. SIGH.