Thursday, September 20, 2012

Good news for people who love bad news

Jaybird has a fever of over 102.

Guess who smacks away the bottle with his fat princely hand?

Guess who only wants Momma and her low hanging fruit?

Busting out the nursing liners for my leaks,
Loving the sweet outcome of his suffering,
The Most Selfish Mom in the World,
Your Friend,
The Milk Master,



  1. Awwww....poor baby.

    Yes, they do love those boobies when they aren't feeling well. So sweet.

  2. Poor guy! Fevers suck. Literally in this case. Look at that sweet face! Glad you're able to comfort him.

    I used to really dig that song.

  3. Poor little Jay - I hope he feels better soon ... maybe? I hate when Adam is sick but I love how much he loves being with his mama when he is. Its such a fucked up way of thinking - so i'm glad i'm not alone!

  4. milk city! you get to have a little longer in your milk master role. sweet.
    not so sweet for baby Jay to have a high fever. Hope the little monkey feels better soon.

  5. Well, that solves that problem! (For now)

    I love babies and their chubby little hands.

  6. I have noticed that the males of all ages just love a boob in their mouth when they aren't well. LOL

  7. poor kid, lucky mom, he is beautiful!

  8. poor little guy. glad you'll get to nurse a bit longer!



  9. Awe...poor little guy! LN10 has the identical pj's!! Hope all is better now.

  10. Oh, what an innocent little darling. Glad to know there's an upside to a sick baby. I hope he keeps it up when he's better, and I hope that's now.