Tuesday, September 11, 2012

....then That happens

The growing up bullshit.

Little man Jay becomes more loving every day as he pushes his way out into his own path.

Cue heartbreak and pride.  Probably not in that order, but it feels like it sometimes.

Breastfeeding is boring.  Just ask him.  He will give it about <1 minute attention, then he is popping off to scout the landscape.  Take inventory.  Note Leah's location or heaven forbid, her absence.  

Pop back on.  Get pissed this thing isn't cranking milk out like it used to produce.  Bite momma.  Laugh.  You should see his face.  Naughty grin that makes me laugh.

Yeah, I know.  I could pump.  I could take the iHop syrup supplements.  Drink that tea.  I could bow to the LLL and bust my ass to get my supply up.  Maybe.  I could also fix the flux capacitor and get the extra time to do all this.

I had the plague known as mastitis.  My production took a heavy hit as I was OUT in bed with severe nausea.  My milk has always been a weak spot for me.  Takes it 5+ days to come in.  Like a lamb.

I know it is coming to an end and I am sad before it even happens.

There is an upside, of course.  I get words from Jay in exchange.  I get a thunder crawl in my direction when I walk into the room.  I get a literal bouncing baby boy in Rocco's arms when I walk in the room.  All my room entries are quite dramatic apparently.  

It helps a lot, but sometimes I get a little swept away just looking at his face and dropping him off in his dorm room.



  1. Maybe the excitement is the food association for the child?

    1. No, I like to pretend said child is just glad to see me.

  2. Oh yes - it's a bittersweet thing, the growing up!

  3. : ( I don't want mine to grow up.

  4. We spend so long trying to get them here that it would be nice if they wanted to be dependent cuddly babies a touch longer!

  5. Right there with you, sister. It's all happening way too quickly for me. Way too quickly. XXXX

  6. oh, that sounds hard, this growing up business. Hard on mama. Easier on the kiddos. Enjoy the excited boy upon your arrival - I hear tell it's not like that once they hit 13 or so.

  7. i feel all those same things about adam - almost as if i'm going to go to bed and wake up the next day and he'll be toddling off to university. its all going so fast! but all so damn worth it, right?! (btw ... i LOVE LOVE LOVE toddlerina's name!) xoxo

  8. Re: the growing up, have you tried telling him "no"? Telling babies "no" always works, if mother-in-law is to be believed.