Friday, September 14, 2012



Jay, I promise you are not missing anything.  Can't you just stay latched a minute more?

I think this ship has sailed.  

I have no leaks, no need for liners.  Really never did use liners except for one brief period in June or July.  I thought I was the embodiment of femininity and life source.

I couldn't get him to nurse last before bed night very long.  He slept through the night.  Did I awaken with le(a)d zeppelins?  Nope.  Regular old boobs at my waistline, maybe a little bit heavier than the night before.

Surely he would devour them upon waking.

Nope.  Poked around at them and then looked at me, whispering "Ba ba, ba ba".

Stupid tears.


  1. I'm so sorry. I'm sure this is difficult for you, emotionally. He's around 10 months, right? You guys have made it a long time. He has gotten so much of his mommy's milk! Think of the thousands of ounces he's had in the past months.

    I guess the good thing about self-weaning is you don't have to wean him yourself, right?

    That said, I'll be heartbroken when mine weans. (hugs)

  2. This is exactly how I felt when Jackson decided he was done, and I wasn't yet. After all those months of latch and supply problems, how could he just give up when he finally had a good thing going? Kids, man. (But within a few weeks of truly having my whole body back to myself, I did feel relieved. That's the upside that takes time to appreciate, I know you know.)

  3. I had a really hard time when P started to lose interest. Much sooner than her older sib. Especially since I would not be ever nursing again. Hang in there.

  4. Yup, tears. JB is right - the getting the body back thing is cool, but still - it's hard. But yay for you for doing it so long, and for Jay for growing into himself.

    But still... :-( I'm sorry.

  5. sounds like a transition that's making you sad, dear woman. It sounds like it is for many women. Glad there are mamas commenting here on how it was for them.
    Thinking of you.

  6. Ouch. I hear there's a whole thing where they lose interest around now but start up again, so perhaps it's not the end for real. But if it is, I'm sorry, and glad you could give him what he needed for as long as he needed it.

  7. Oh roccie and little jay.... I wish I had some words of experience to offer to comfort but instead I will just say (completely unfounded btw)that this is just a little change which will grow into letting jay learn some other amazing skill that will keep your face alight and a smile firmly placed on it for a long time. I guess the pleasures you're used to with him will be different but I really dont think they are over. But hugs to you my friend as change is way too hard, especiallly with something so precious.

  8. I hear you lady! Ian just weaned a couple of weeks ago, so sad! Hope your beautiful family and you are adjusting and doing well. Lots of love!

  9. Its very difficult when we decide we have to stop but much harder when our little ones tell us they're done. I'm with you Roccie ... and I know how hard this is... thinking of you and your zepplins. xoxo