Monday, July 26, 2010

Tidbits to help our cycle

I had my first session with a new acupuncturist.  I adore her.

She is an IVF veteran with three adopted children.  She hasn't shared her whole story with me yet.  I cannot wait to hear it.  I want to be more like her, all peaceful and shit.

This is probably old news to most folks, but it was new to me, so it might be worth sharing:
  1. Husbands: get your cell phones out of your pockets.  Protect your business from all heat, even an iPhone.

  2. Eat local.  I have heard this promoted to be green, but never applied to women who have a uterus in need.  She really raved about this one.  I almost ate the lawn when I got home, she had me so motivated.

  3. Probiotics.  Chow some of these down from the health food store, then maintain with Kefir or the likes.  I plan to pick it up tomorrow from the health food shop.  I will let you know if I learn any more goodies.
Estrogen priming going well, I guess.  I have an ancient estrogen patch on my belly that is to remain until it falls off.  I don't need to tell you it is getting a little funky looking.  I take extra care in the shower trying to protect it.  It is my little talisman.


  1. HI Roccie, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I know it's difficult, you may have read I've been through 3 full cycle (and 6 total transfers) plus and IUI just to throw some money in the loo...but stay positive. I didn't understand from your story if you do have a baby girl from your IVF#2? Sorry if I got it wrong!!!
    Thinking of you, love, Fran

  2. Why local? Is it so that there's less time between farm and table? I mean, I get it from an environmental point of view and I guess it's all related (less transport = less pollutants in the air), but wouldn't organic be more important than local?

    Interesting...I'm totally in favor of the whole eat-local thing in the summer, but frankly living in a climate that includes winter, I'm just not willing to eat meat and potatoes between November and May as I wait for fresh things to be available from local farms.

  3. You almost ate the lawn! HA-larious! I loved going to acupuncture but at some point, probably my 3rd cycle that I ovulated too soon, I said f it and just couldn't see us paying $70 a week (or whatever the hell it was a week) for me to relax. I went for probably 2 years straight, 2 different acupuncturists, and the the same results- no pregnancy. Everyone's different and I've read plenty of success stories with acupuncture. Hell, if yours works for you, I might be trekking to wherever you go since I know you're somewhere near me.

    Just out of curiosity, did you ever dispose of those Sharps containers in your garage? Enquiring minds want to know.

  4. Nice, we have done the eat local thing this summer. I was doing swimmingly and lost about 10 pounds because of the increase in veggies etc. I am not being a major slacker because of how busy we have been but me and mr. lemon are on it, we are going to cook away this weekend and get back on track. You are hysterical by the way. Keep me laughing! I'm rooting for you, prime away baby!

  5. Ha! You almost ate the lawn, LOVE it! I am skeptical of the eating local thing, I totally support it and do it as much as I can myself but.....Is she pushing her own agenda? Is she an organic farmer on the side?

  6. I want to be peaceful and shit! I can't wait to hear more advice from her and from you!

  7. I loved the "all peaceful and shit" comment, too. Lol! are funny.

    Glad you like your acupuncturist. I loved mine, too. I do think they make a world of difference!

    Oh, and I hear you on the funky patches. I change mine every other day, but they still get funky!

  8. Great that you went! Ah, delicious grass. Cell phone is new to me, will check it.

    I'd like that peaceful and shit, too. It makes me want a needle in my forehead all the time. (my old acu did that a lot.)

  9. Good luck priming roccie! I am so cheering for you.

  10. i've never heard of the cell phone thing - shit - my husband carries his around in his pocket right beside the boys all the time! i'm going to have to lay the smackdown on that one!

    my acupuncturist is all peaceful and shit too. some days i love her for it and other days i hate her for it but... the fact remains - she's done wonders for me so the bitch is stuck with me whether i'm moody or not!

    good luck with your priming! this is our month sista. its going to work - for both of us.


  11. I'm so glad your appointment went well!! I think the right person can make all the difference. you have me considering a probiotic. I'm not sure if my medicine cabinet can take all this weight, but that's a sensible one.

    Oooooo, a talisman! I think I need one of those. Talisman, do your good work.