Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bumper stickers are speaking to us, if we just listen

I am pretty sure when this woman slapped this up on her SUV she wasnt thinking of The Fertically Challenged.

Read it, my loves, and rev up them uteri!

This is my first Wordless Wednesday.  I know it is Tuesday and I am not wordless.  I promise to honor The Code of Wordlessness next week.


  1. Ha. That's why I call mine "Mostly Wordless" because I am anything but wordless. :-)

    It's a sign of what's to come, I am sure!

  2. And...um, yes, I have the sticks from three years ago. I am sick, I know. :-)

  3. You have got to be kidding me.

  4. What in the world is this bumper sticker supposed to mean? Yeah, I get it but is there some sort of significance to it or something? I mean, seriously, why in the world would someone put this on their vehicle? People are just weird. Plain ass weird.

  5. I know. Maybe we can reclaim this saying as our own?

    The Fertically Challenged are now getting unintended encouragement from extreme anti choice individuals.

    I hope it makes you grin. Don't let it take you into the debate.

  6. It makes me smile at how stoopid people are. I'm going to use this as my daily mantra and then eventually it *has* to work, right? Have a great day, R!

  7. some people are fucked. can you imagine putting that bumpersticker on your car? WTF??


  8. Wow. And on a huge-ass, gas-guzzling behemoth with...are those tinted windows? Hmmmm. Not sure whether to laugh or hit the gas on this one. Haven't seen this particular specimen before. Don't like it one bit.

  9. Oh joy!

    The UK is going to be plastered with posters of Baby Scan Jesus ...

    Can't wait ...

  10. Yeah I am so not sure what this bumper sticker is supposed to mean either. People are weird.

    Side note - word verification: "Ouncy". Some people have not an ouncy of sense. :)