Sunday, August 1, 2010

Estrogen nonsense

I am wrapping up the estrogen priming phase of My Last Cycle with My Eggs.

I head into the RE tomorrow to see where the hell AF got lost.  She should have been here by now.  Probably not an issue, but it is an opportunity to drop $350 for unplanned additional vag cam work.

I have been wearing an estrogen patch for 11 days straight.  It looks nasty, but that thing is fused to me like second skin.  I always used to fret about my patches, worried the water would leak in them and render them less powerful.  I was careful to time the *new* patches right after a shower where I needed extra time (shaving, shampoo/condition, more shaving for the u/s tech).

Pointless worry.  This thing isn't coming off the remainder of this calendar year.

Probably no one else worried about them but me, but just in case, a word to the worried:  Estrogen patches are the new IVF tattoo.  They might get a little ragged around the edges, but they aren't going anywhere until you intervene.

We went to Oak Park today to check out Frank Lloyd Wright homes.  I didn't get to tour the house as I was on baby duty.  I asked Mr. Rocco what the deal was with all the pelicans on the outside of one of them.

They weren't pelicans.  They were fertility symbols.  Storks.

Holy cow.


  1. Omg fertility symbols!!! Did you rub them? Did you rub one for me? I hope you don't mind but I rubbed your picture on my iPad! Did you think virtual rubbing is effective?

  2. Storks!?!?! I don't like to see too many "signs" about...but this one is waving its butt right in my face:) I hope AF finds her way home again, because I'm sure you'd like to get things on the road already. But I'm thinking of all the good things that estrogen talisman is doing for you:)

  3. Yeah, I'd say that the universe is whacking you over the head with that one! Storks, seriously?

    Hopefully you'll find AF wandering around on the side of the road muttering to herself. Then you'll be able to GET GOING already!

  4. I'm going to remember this when I slap on my patch in about ten days! You just saved me a lot of needless worry. Oh, who am I kidding? I'll worry anyway.

    Love that you love FLW. And those storks? AWESOME.

  5. Patches eh? I get lousy old pills. I want a patch. It seems tougher somehow...hope the storks bring you luck :)