Friday, August 6, 2010

A follicle inventory and Tidbit follow up

Things are looking good. We have two follicles measuring at a 5, three measuring at 7 and an 8. An additional nine are small and not measurable at this point, but are expected to step up and deliver. That is a total of 15, my highest number in all four cycles.

A little concerned that the growth might be a little slow. They expect 2mm growth per day. They may jack up my meds. Considering I am 450 F.ollistim and 150 M.enopur already, this is impressive. We are going balls out for eggs. Back to the office on Monday.

A couple follow ups on my Tidbits. I was asked some valid questions I couldn't answer. I asked about it again yesterday at my acupuncture session.

I know I won't do it justice. I get so caught up in my acupuncturist's stories, I let it wash over me and forget to take notes. She weaves these great trips of health, communication and peace - all the while talking about farm stands, go figure.

I confirmed the eat local was a big benefit in her opinion to fertility treatments. She told me the local foods had a stronger life force (italics mine) in them.

I don't know exactly what life force means but it sure sounds like it needs to have a special font.  She talked about energy and connection to the earth. It was riveting.

My acupuncturist referenced a book by Barbara Kingsolver, who happens to be one of my favorite authors. (It was published during The Dark Ages, so I totally missed it.) This book captures the benefits of eating local.

I was in some pain a couple days ago. I was sure I could feel my ovary. How awkward. Turns out, er, I had some sluggish bowels. The descending colon passes on your left and gets a little crowded from all the follicles. A little something to file away so you don't worry as I did.

Poop, ladies, remember to poop.


  1. I like the special font, it seems warranted. I read the Kingslover book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, right? I really enjoyed it.

    Good work on all those follies, you are sporting more than a dozen! I can't wait to hear their next report card.

    In the mean time, I hope you can take a crap.

  2. Nice going follie grower!!! I had a similiar "issue", the RE said colace is safe all the way through pregancy and not to fear it, so I didn't on IVF2 and I was much happier for it!

  3. I was going to leave a comment but Gurlee's is so so awesome I'm just going to point to hers.

  4. Wow! 15 is a great number!

    I'm a huge fan of Michael Pollan who has a great book about healthy eating. All short simple rules. Like, only eat food you can pronounce. He also goes over the science of eating organic and local. I'm typing on my iPhone or I would hunt down the link.

  5. *poops* Does that mean things from your own garden have SUPER STRONG life force? If my tomatoes actually ripen and make it into my mouth will I instantly get pregnant? (Not that I am mocking your acupuncturist--I like the idea of life force!) I hope the follicles keep on keepin' on.

  6. I love to get carried away in my acupuncturists stories. I would love it if local vegetables would make me pregnant but I just can't see that resolving my problems unfortunately (doesn't mean I wont try it though).
    Glad there are some lovely follies showing up. slow growth is better than too fast is what they always told me (but I secretly wondered if they said the opposite to those who had fast growing follicles, I just can't help but question the system).

    Thanks for your recent comment. I feel rottern today and it was lovely to read your sympathetic words. They helped, so thanks. xx