Saturday, August 7, 2010

First IVF baby becomes a mother

Did she really need to say her own conception was normal?

I could have picked a million better words than normal.


  1. I thought the same thing when I read that. Grrrrrrrr.

  2. An "abnormal" childhood because she was conceived via IVF? Weird. Thanks for sharing, lady! ;) And thank you for the sweet comment about our adoption stuff. ♥

  3. SERIOUSLY. I was also pissed about the "abnormal" childhood comment. Though maybe she just means that all the media attention made things strange, but wow. She did kinda redeem herself a bit with some of the other stuff.

  4. I was really surprised by the whole thing too. I think unfortunately because of the circumstances surrounding her conception her life was full of media attention. I was a bit put off by her comments though. I'm sort of hoping she was quoted out of context (because, as you know, that sort of thing NEVER happens).


    Though, I suppose at the time she was born she was made to feel awfully abnormal.

    But, yeah, a little sensitivity would be awfully nice.

  6. That's just bogus. Someone needs to tell her how many thousands of IVF babies there are today.

  7. I felt the whole article wasn't all that well written and had assumed she meant well and that her comments where taken out of context.

    I'm sure, as the first, with all the media attention she received, that some people questioned wether she would be able to conceive or function or what have you since she was a child created of science.

    It was 30 years ago. She was a first. And the media is relentless - so yes, I'm sure she did have an abnormal childhood and has to use the word "normal" in almost every conversation she has with the media trying to defend her very existence.

    As a ground breaker, you have to explain some pretty simple ideas to the uneducated masses. Repeatedly.

    (Er. Like the pope?)

    She did give up her privacy to promote IVF, so you do have give her credit for that.


    This comment sponsored by Mad Men and perhaps one too many cocktails.

  8. ^^ agreed. I'm glad I'm not the only one that got stuck on her referring to it being a "normal" conception DESPITE her ABNORMAL childhood.
    Err, ok.
    Bad article. Poorly written. And how dare she judge IVF considering she wouldn't even be alive without it?? (well it came across to me as her judging it to be "not as good" as a "normal conception")