Wednesday, August 4, 2010

All stims, no antagonist - like riding a motorcycle without a helmet

I love it.

If you are calling about that $5570.18 I owe you, then I will have to pay you back later as that check went to my friends at Freedom Pharmacy.  (What a stupid name for a fertility pharmacy.  "Free" is the last word I would choose for my subliminal positive association.  Free, my ass.)

We are a go.  No AF and RE doest care to wait around for her.  The meds are here and I am shooting.  Looks like we have 12 follicles total.  This is a bitchin' number for me.  5 we can measure and 7 waiting in the wings.  One is a big mofo, but no one talked about it sucking the life out of the others.

I am giddy and know exactly where my ovaries are inside my body.  This cycle is pretty intense now that I think about it.  There is very little suppression.  I had 3 shots of Ganirelix, but that was over a week ago.

No BCP, no Lupron.  Just stims.

I am not very comfortable, but I feel like a hen house filled with eggs.  I hope to all hell this isn't a bad sign.  I mean, I know precisely where my left ovary is situated.  So weird.

PS - Marry who you love.  Nice one, CA.


  1. Sounds like that's the same protocol I was on last time and it worked wonderfully for me. No lupron is a mighty fine thing!

    And yes. Please. Free is NOT a word I would associate with e fertility pharmacy. Nor, really, freedom, since you are now tied to a clock and a sharps container.

    Good luck!!!

  2. Couldnt think of a more inappropriate name for any kind of pharmacy - NOTHING you get from a pharmacy is free! Way to rub it in!

    Plus - to your last line... WOOT!!! if only I lived in CA...

  3. WOO HOO! Grow follies grow! I can't wait to hear about your BFP!

  4. EXCELLENT. It sounds like things are going wonderfully and now is the time to roost, Mrs. Hen. And let those lovely eggies grow nice and big.

    You're right about "Freedom" Pharmacy. Freedom from our money, apparently. What a crock of $hit:)

  5. Woot-Woot California and Miss Roccie's eggies!

    Such an odd feeling, I anticipate having the same feeling myself someday soon. Rest up, take care of your self and those little babies-to-be.

  6. 12 is great!!! And your bit about Freedom Pharmacy almost made me shoot sprite through my nose.

    We went with the Apothecary Shop for our FET meds. Superstitious me wonders if we should have used Freedom like we did for the fresh cycle but they were actually more expensive. Self pay sucks.

  7. 12! Wow! Best wishes for a BFP.


  8. oh yeah baby! no lupron - thats a dream! go 12 follies go.

    i'm keeping my eyes on your blog - let's do this Roccie ... let's get knocked the fuck up!

  9. AW YEAH. I can't wait to start stimming! I didn't even think about the results of no Lupron until you wrote this. GO EGGS!

  10. Here you go, yo. When are they thinking about retrieval? This was a super quick cycle for you and I can't wait to hear all the juicy details in the next few weeks...not to mention, I'm here rootin' your arse on! ;)

    No Lolla for me. We've never been but always love like a million bands there but it's filled with too many asshats and the heat is always a killer. I'll just take pictures of dorks in t-shirts around my neighborhood for you. Okay?

    Happy Stimming!

  11. Wow, you're really motoring! Keep up the good work, and give our regards to Left Ovary.

  12. Awesome news! I am not sure I've ever had 12 antrals when I started a cycle. You've got rock star ovaries in my book! :-)

    I laughed at the Freedom remark. I have thought similar thoughts as I maxed out my credit card. That place is anything but free.

    Finally something we can be proud of is happening here in my state!