Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All the things I haven't wanted to jinx

Special thanks to those who noticed I have been dodging the bullet.  I post about everything but my baby in the makes.

I am a little afraid sometimes to post good news.  I have some in my pocket, but I have been sitting on it.  As soon as I hit publish, what if it all takes a turn?  I don't think it will or at least I am getting a little stronger thinking that every day.

I had an OB appointment last week.  The SCH is smaller, about half the size it was the week prior.  OB is ready to put this behind her.  She thinks we are on the road to recovery or maybe we are pretty much there.  I am going back in this week to follow up on it just because she is good to me.

I have some real luck with doctors.  Nothing will ever compare to my RE or to my acupuncturist, but OB is earning more of my dedication as this progresses.  She has a daughter who is one year old that goes to the same school as Toddlerina.  OB has caught me in the parking lot, slyly checking to see no one was looking, and asked after my pregnancy before I was released from the RE.  She is good that way.

At our appointment, we were talking about VBAC options.  What could push me one way or the other.  Did I want to try.  Did I want another c-section.  My babies seem to have really large heads.

(Cue: car screeching sound after about 10 minutes into the conversation.)

Uh, are we talking about a birth plan.

     Well, uh, yes, we are.


     Uh, Roccie.  You are going to have a baby.

What are you talking about.

     Laughs, but not meanly.

Are you sure we should be talking about this yet.

     Yes, Roccie.  Nothing is ever guaranteed to us, but I believe this is going to happen for you.

Ok, then I think we need to start this whole conversation from the top because I just couldn't hear a damn thing you said.

Everyone laughs.

Fade to black.


  1. You are, honey. You are. You're going to have a baby. I'm so glad the SCH is fading to obscurity and that this is all going so beautifully.

  2. Yeah! I like your OB, it's nice when an MD is positive and optimistic (so rare in IF land) and isn't blowing smoke up your wahoo! Understand about not wanting to jinx it I'll say "just keep swimming"

  3. I think your fears are normal. Glad to hear your OB is so supportive and positive.


  4. Jinxing - even though I try to be rational it's hard to get away from in all things reproductive.

    If you're not ready to discuss a plan now, why should you? Plenty of time, no?

  5. Yeah a BIRTH PLAN! I don't think you will jinx it. That only happens to me.

  6. I am laughing...I don't have a birth plan either and am 31 weeks. My birth plan is easy "get it out kicking and screaming". Done.

  7. You are going to have a BABY!! Wow. SO freakin' awesome. I don't think you can jinx this one.

  8. So glad the SCH is decreasing & your OB is instilling confidence in you! That's awesome she's got you thinking towards the birth plan and focusing on the reality that you are going to have a baby!!! Continuing to send love & positive thoughts your way!

  9. I know it's easier not to think about it, but you Really. Are. going to have a baby! I'm so glad things are looking up. :)

  10. This post brought tears to my eyes. Happy tears. You are going to have a baby, Roccie. I feel it with everything I've got. I couldn't be more excited for you!

    I am glad the SCH is finally hitting the road, too. One less thing to think about!

  11. Fantastic news.

    We scheduled my c-section at my appt last week and I had very much the same incredulous reaction.


  12. Gah. I so know how hard that is to talk about what your deepest hope holds. I absolutely adore the rundown on this one, though. I seriously think that we are conditioned to just imagine things to go wrong at every turn. I probably won't, but your mind won't let that go. I would highly recommend some small sacrifice to offset said jinxes. Like a hail mary if you were Catholic and cussing. Say "birth plan" and toss some water to mother earth, throw salt, whatevs. It's equally ridiculous, right?

    You go on and sit on whatever good news you can. It's brooding in a good way. I, for one, will wait patiently until that new hatches. :)

  13. After all you've been through, optimistic would be too much to ask. And I'm betting you've got a major psychological hurdle to get over--the second trimester probably doesn't feel like a safety zone to you. I've lost track of how many weeks you are and am too lazy to calculate / look back... ANYWAYS, I hope you will slowly creep your way towards optimism. There's every reason for it.

  14. Rocccciiiiieeee! You're going to have this baby! I am so ridiculously excited for you!!! I hope you can begin to relax and enjoy the journey! Xxxxx

  15. Hot damn.

    You're going to have this baby. SCH, see 'ya (hopefully never and in nobody else's uterus either).