Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another reason I hate my OB

New girl at the desk wants me to sign some updated forms for insurance.

She says, "Wow!  You sure have a big file!"  She was astounded, but stupid.

"You know, a large file isn't something I am happy to have for the record."

Pack of idiots.


  1. Seriously. This is not what I wanted to be when grew up. ;-)

  2. Sometimes I wonder about folks.

  3. they only hire the sharpest and brightest at your OB, clearly.

  4. I like my OB, but did wince/chortle a little at my 6-weel post-partum when he asked me about birth control. I reminded him of the thing slathered all over my chart, that we have severe male factor infertility and required IVF to conceive both of our children. And then he said it anyway. "Well, you never know, once you have a kid your body can 'reset' and once you relax..." All the dumb things in one daft statement. (But I an paranoid so took the prescription anyway. No surprises here, please.)

    I nominate yours for a Darwin Award. Because surely this kind of stupidity will lead to something worthy.

  5. Wow. At least you spoke up about it. I would have just fumed in silence, but this way there's a chance she'll LEARN something.

  6. Ew. I've had that said to me too. I hate when inside thoughts escape.

    BTW, I've nominated you for a Liebster:http://findingawayoutofif.blogspot.ca/2013/01/liebster.html

    1. I have no idea why the spacing looks weird on that last post.