Friday, January 11, 2013

Behind the scenes when seeking donor embryos

I don't think I am manic, but I am a little giddy.  Yesterday I was frozen in fear, but today I am buzzing with excitement.

I want to encourage any family who is out there hoping to be a recipient of donor embryos.

As the donor family, you can't create a list of pros/cons or criteria you are looking for with a weighted value.  Much to my dismay, I cannot run this through Excel to get the recipient family.

A match is made on a gut response. 

I expected my inbox to be flooded with emails.  It wasn't.

I tried talking with my sister about it, but she didn't want to.  I think I was a little shocked that she didn't want to be a part of this Massive Decision.  How on earth can I do this alone?  But I have to.  

My sister was fearful her comments would cloud my judgement or shine on something that may or may not be relevant.  If I just feed her facts here and there, she doesn't get the big picture and cannot participate in the process.  It almost trivializes it.

Wise sister, eh?  (She is a reader, so you know she is beaming as she rubs this post all over herself.)

I had several families approach us with long emails, custom written for our ad.  I had several families link to their ad without anything extra.  I had several families basically just ask for the embryos.  Crazy spectrum of participation.

I feel really good.


  1. You have a big heart and are doing a great thing Roccie. What you go through while making this decision is more than I can imagine. We might have to go through this one day too but for now my brain is turned off bc I can't juggle more than one thought at a time these days. You owe some baby posts pls :o) xoxoxoxo.

  2. Hey, Roccie. Where/how have you done this? Might be doing it myself shortly...

  3. I have posted on Parents Via Egg Donation (the BEST resource! The director of the organization hand held me through the whole process. I love this place.)

    I also posted on Miracles Waiting. 100% hands off but perhaps I just didnt ask for the help. Marna from PVED is just THERE. I love her.)

    You ever find what you needed on epigenetics? All I know, I just googled.

  4. I might be on this path if 9 or 10 isn't in the cards. Bookmarking for a dose of future hope.

  5. We were matched with our family through Miracles Waiting. I'm SO excited for you and for the family you choose, it is such an incredible process and journey!!! What you are doing is so awesome, you are changing lives woman! We are so thankful for our donor family and the amazing gift they gave us!

  6. Wow. Ditto all the other things--you're changing lives here, lady.

  7. I'm going to have to check out those sites.

  8. Oh, yay! You'll know when it's right. We did.