Saturday, March 2, 2013

Unexpected melt down

I just cannot be sure we are finished.

Why does it hurt so much to give these embryos away to a loving home.

What if it means I want just one more.

What if it is just the normal mourning process of moving on.

How am I supposed to tell the difference.

I can't see to type right now, so I think I will have to talk about it later.


  1. Many, many hugs to you. Many, many hugs.

  2. Is there any way you can delay the donation process for a bit?

    Based on your current feelings maybe it would be best to give yourself a bit more time just to be sure. Because this isn't the kind of thing that can be undone. And I think for something like this you want to be 100% sure you're doing the right thing.

    It's a huge decision and I'm not surprised that it's not an easy one to make. I think if you look deep in your heart you will figure out what you really want to do. And you don't have to do it right now if you're not ready.

  3. What a difficult decision. Hoping you find peace with whatever choice you make.

  4. Loads of hugs. We have 3 DE embryos left and I don't know what I would do if we were allowed to donate them on (UK law does not permit this - they remain in a kind of "joint" ownership between donor and recipient and either can elect to destroy them). I know that I definitely think of them as "mine" and as potential siblings for my son. It's all so personal and not even those of us in the same position can truly know your heart on this. I hope you find a place of peace with whatever decision you make.

  5. Oh darling. How terribly hard. My ignorant guess is: Assume you can do whatever your heart wants, wait a bit, and it will become clear which is the right choice. Wishing you lots of strength as you figure it out.

  6. This is hard. Take the time to fully feel these feelings. They suck, but in the end you will make the right decision for you because you did.

  7. Don't forget, you are allowed to change your mind if that is what your heart is telling you to do. Thinking of you as you go through this.