Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More wine, more cyst, and more delay

It is still there.

The cyst is as big as it was last week, producing estrogen (110+?).  Enough to push us back one week to see what happens.

See if it start to "shrivel" on its own.  Their words, not mine.

It sounds like my RE is not contemplating aspiration at this point.  It is actual real, live surgery where I go under.  Probably not covered by insurance, right?  Anyone know?  We are in a waiting game to see what Cystic Bitch does.

Our transfer in February is now at risk.  Unless all is perfect next week, we will be trying for a March transfer.

I need to connect with my thera-punctarist.  I know she will come up with a way for me to digest this.

I am not a fan.  

Coffee, wine, and falling dreadfully behind in my commenting,
Your old cystic friend,



  1. Sigh. I'm sorry. I would think aspiration would be covered, your doc would just have to code it correctly. I had a cyst removed because it was causing pain.

    Hugs my friend. And shrinky cysty vibes for you...

  2. Ah so sorry things are in doubt have been through enough and I want so badly for this to speed up for you...take care.

  3. Out damn cyst! Out, I say!

    Hugs. I am so sorry for yet another delay. Hoping that this week proves to be the ticket to see the sucker leave for good.

  4. Ugh, what a pain in the butt. Hope it shrinks by net week. *hugs*

  5. Just what you needed, girl! Another delay. Cystic bitch indeed. I would like to tell it where to go in no uncertain terms. I hope that the wine and coffee completely annihilate that cyst and that you can get right back on track for a February transfer. Hang in there, dear Roccie.

  6. I'm putting your cyst on my hating list with everything else in the world. Why doesn't everything including this cyst go away?

  7. Boo! I really hope you don't have to have surgery.

  8. Damn, Roccie, I'm sorry. As I recall Sprogblogger had a cyst while on Lupron prior to DE transfer and she was told to use a trigger shot to get rid of it; not sure if it's exactly the same situation, but it might be worth asking about?

  9. Hi Roccie - I'm so sorry this damned cyst is still hanging around. 1) have you asked about using a trigger (Ovidrel or HCG) to pop the cyst out? We tried that (it didn't work for us, however it might for you.) 2) When I had my cyst aspiration I asked if it would be coded as a gynecological procedure (not infertility) which I was pretty sure my insurance would cover. They said it would be coded as such and it was covered by my insurance.

    I hope that helps! Hang in there!

  10. Cyst, you are hereby BANISHED! (pronounced in the Shakespeare way -- with the extra syllable -- Banish-ed)

  11. ugh, shit. I hate delays and know them well. So hoping it gets under control on its own before next week so your transfer is unaffected.

  12. Growl. Not remotely the news I was hoping you would get. As far as insurance (says she who has to fight her own insurance tooth and nail), I think it should cover it as long as it's not being aspirated solely for the purpose of going forward with FET. In other words, if they want to aspirate it because it's concerning or causing you pain, then they should pay up (the evil bastards).

    I'm hoping for the shrivel scenario. Hang in there, Roccie.

  13. Ah fuck. I like the suggestions about popping it (eww!) and the ideas for getting an aspiration covered if you have to go there. (We had to be a bit circumspect about some things regarding my fibroid surgery in order to make sure it was covered.)But mainly a big fuck you universe on the idea of further delay. Oh please let it just go away!

  14. On my 1st IVF cycle I had a cyst and the RE aspirated it. Even though nothing related to IVF is covered by my insurance they did cover my cyst aspiration. I was not put out for my cyst aspiration and it hurt like hell but in the long run I was better off that they aspirated it. Good luck and I hope it "shrinks" on it's own!

  15. Ugh, what the hell cyst? Beat it. Leave my Roccie alone you asshole.


    Cyst, I appreciate your will to live but it is now time to sacrifice yourself so that someone with more purpose can take root in your host's body. May you shrivle in peace.

  16. How big is it? I ask because at my FET I had a big one like 44 mm on one ovary and they went forward anyways with good results. But maybe it wasn't producing e2. Anyways if it doesn't go away on it's own if your re doesn't want to aspirate it can use bcp to shrink it. Good luck!

  17. too bad it's not like a zit, and you could just pop it on your own. i'd do it for you, but you're over there and i'm over here :o( i'm hoping this won't delay you FET. will be crossing fingers that the cystard goes away. sending you great big hugs roccie :o) xoxo.

  18. Honey, I'm right there with you on the delay train. Motherfluffer. I'm so sorry your big fat biyotch cyst is still making her presence known and obnoxious. Wonder how mine's doing? Heck, maybe I can get pushed back to April? Why not May? Sorry, long morning. Sending you love as ever and always.

  19. Cysts should be covered as a medical issue and not infertility. Your doctor's office will probably be slick and do it so it gets paid.

    Boo, hiss, Ms. Cyst

  20. hoping for a shrinking cyst for you! come on cyst, crumble, die!!! :-)

  21. damn that cyst. i say, drown it in some good red wine. thinking of you...


  22. Cystic Bitch. Perfect.

    Maybe thera-puncturist can help get rid of it? Perhaps there are some Chinese herbs for that sort of thing? (there seem to be for everything else)

    Sending cyst-busting thoughts your way.


  23. Ugh...I'm so sorry, how horribly frustrating! Hoping the cyst shrinks up on it's own and intervention isn't needed. Drink up that delicious caffeinated good stuff and wine my friend! Sending really negative thoughts to that nasty cyst and loads of positive thoughts & love your way. I'd say it's definitely time to contact the sage and wise thera-puncturist as well ((hugs))

  24. Roccie, yes cyst surgery is typically covered by insurance. I had one last month and did BCPs but I haven't been back for an U/S so I don't know if it worked for me.

    Aspiration can work...a lot less scary than surgery. I hope that you're not in pain from this damned thing. Let's just hope it shrinks on its own and disappears.

  25. Oh Roccie, I'm so sorry. This sucks.
    Cyst, go and... shrivel yourself. Thank you.

  26. Try Chinese herbs. I had a cyst that sent my E2 up to 600 and I took herbs -- a couple of weeks later, on ultrasound the cyst was gone.

    There is a book called "Making Babies" written by an RE and an acupuncturist, and the acupuncturist writes about a client who had a stubborn cyst that was scheduled for surgery, but took herbs, and then went for her operation, only to have them realize the cyst was no longer there.

    She lists the herbs that are meant to be good for getting rid of cysts, if you wanted to mention these to your practitioner:

    Huang Qi (astragalus root)
    Zao Jiao Ci (gleditsia spine)
    Kun Bu (laminaria)
    Xia Ku Cao (prunella spica flower)
    San leng (scirpus)
    E Zhu (zedoaria)
    Zao Jiao (gleditsia fruit)
    Shui Zhi (leech)

  27. Oh roccie. Fuck off cyst. I'm so sorry my friend. I just know that your clinic will sort the cyst out and that you WILL move on from this hurdle. But right now it just seems torturous that you have more humps to digest. Enough already. I hope by now you've seen your therapuncturist and she's been able to help you digest it.
    Its so unfair. If there was ever a person who deserved good its you. Thinking cyst shrinking thoughts for you.

  28. Such an unwelcome guest? Hope it skips town very soon.

  29. Hey Roc:

    One day I must tell you the tale of my IVF cycle #1 - which was cancelled due to a giant cyst and the RE who declined to treat it....months went by, no IVF could be AF...desperation all round. Found a new RE - was given a script for the pill and in less than a month NO more cyst!!! That was all that was needed! Yipee!!!

    Grrrr to you situation...hoping there is good news soon!

    LS x