Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Things my thera-puncturist is peddling

I love my acupuncturist with everything I have got in me.  It is good to be back up on the table. 

I let myself slide over the holidays.  Aside from the predictable food and drink binges the season brings, I got lazy.  I haven't seen her but once since the failed DE cycle.  I had a quick, rushed visit before I headed out to visit Rocco's family after Christmas.

She walked me through the past several months - plotting out Aunt Flo, medication schedules, and major events.  Her theory is my body is trying to slow me down.  She tells me the Lupron and hormones are strong, but my body's will is stronger.  

I made a joke about recognizing my body as being in command and she plainly responded, "Don't tell it that.  It already knows that."  As close as I have ever seen her to miffed.


Who on earth do you know who is protective over someone else's body's feelings?

I love her.

So we jabbed and heated and restocked my oils.  Learned how to give my ovaries a massage.  It makes me think of Black Swan.  I plan to do it at home behind closed doors.

And I jacked up my crazy meds by 50%.  What.

Going in tomorrow to check on my mofo cyst.


  1. Your therapuncturist does you a world of good, Roccie. So glad you went in to see her. I like the solemnity of her response about your body being in command. Nice. Let there be no doubt.
    And that annoying little petulant cyst. Well, it can just go take a hike. Your body's in charge and it doesn't want to be slowed down by a cyst.

  2. Love your therapist! Good luck checking on the stupid cyst - Be gone!!!

  3. Your acupuncturist rocks. As for that cyst - I command it to be banished forever.

    Thinking of you and looking forward to tomorrow's update on the SOS.

  4. HA the Black Swan comment cracked me up.

  5. Wow, your acupuncturist definitely has a gift...you are so lucky to have found her! Hoping that cyst has decided it's not willing to fight anymore and has backed down. Sending all kinds of positive hopeful vibes your way!

  6. I haven't seen Black Swan yet but am hoping to soon!

    OK, so I want the scoop on this ovary massage thing. How's it done? ;)

  7. I heart Therapunky Brewster. She's one of my favorites. I love what she does for you and the force for good that she seems so clearly to be. And this cyster act has had its moment in the spotlight; the curtains are closing. If, however, you decide to voluntarily hold off until March (ha), I'll meet you there.

  8. May that mofo cyst be GONE. And I love the sound of your acupuncturist. And of taking care of yourself.

    But please DO tell us about the Black Swan eggie massage?

  9. Thank goodness for her! I see from your tweet that your whoreish cyst fucked you again. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! What THE HELL??!?!?!? This is BULLSHIT. Meh.I hope a good ovary massage takes some of the sting out of that shitty news.

  10. Isn't she just the sweetest.

    Hold on to her, and don't you dare miss another appointment.

    And I'm with Adele here.. need descriptions on how to massage my ovaries like a black swan. Do tell.

    Love to you and woop to increasing your meds. Your shit pile is high so do whatever you need to do to climb to the top of it.

    PISS OFF cyst. Leave my roccie alone.