Friday, April 1, 2011

Beta 4-but-I-only-wanted-3 freak out

It could be the way Rocco was administering the PIO shots.  

I had a couple very painful shots and I whined about it.  Probably scared the hell out of him, he is sensitive that way.  I think when they hurt, he rushed them along for a few days.  I had big knots in my butt.  Didn't think much of it.

The last two days we have slowed down the injection times, almost up to a minute to allow for the 1.5 units of PIO.  No lumps.  Good news, but not the big news I am waiting to hear.


Come on phone, ring.

I would normally eat, as I am a stress eater.  I am feeling a little ratty about food right now though.  I would like to pretend it is morning sickness, right?  I think I am all nerves.

Save to draft and wait for the mofo call.

Call comes.  Call Rocco, call family.

Post to FB.  Post code to FB referencing Sesame Street and "getting stronger".  Consider code was perhaps too deep and no one will get it.

Return from draft.

p4 = 31.6

I sure wish my RE would have checked my hsg as well, but she did not.  I tried to talk the nurse into changing the order, but no go.  Sounds like the good Doctor fortified my nurse with the reasons why no hcg: it was not an issue.  Guess they anticipated my resistance.

The nurses seemed to buy my theory on the injection site lumps.  Slow it down partners, slow it down. 

For the record, if p4 dropped below 15, the PIO injections would be upped to 2 units (originally 1, increased to 1.5 - increase remains in effect).  Doctor would have ordered beta 5.

Thanks for keeping me company during my self-induced panic.  Lot of issues to tend to everywhere, so thanks for helping with mine. 

What in law's name am I going to do with myself until April 12 ultra-sound day?


  1. do you do what i do when waiting for an important call, and check the phone repeatedly to make sure it is still working? at which point, you worry someone tried to call while you were "checking" the phone?? i'm glad your progesterone number went up!! big sigh of relief??? those pio shots were a literal pain in my a$$. dh always did them really slowly, but i'd wind up with a lumpy a$$ anyways, which he'd have to massage (and heat - do you put heat on it afterwards??) for 30 minutes just to make the lumps smoother ... i would find a tv show that you can dvr the crap out of and just fixate on that for the next 11 days. i'm embarrassed to say that i went through 5 seasons of criminal minds in a month. now i dunno what to do with myself :o) glad you got good news! xoxo.

  2. Glad it went up!

    I'm with Sienna - start watching a new TV show via Netflix (one that has lots of seasons) and churn through it. Mad Men, Gilmore Girls, Sex and the City, West Wing, etc. :)

  3. You make me smile. I'm excited that your P4 is great and you are now so much closer to the ultrasound. I'll keep you busy...know any good jokes?

  4. Glad to hear it's up. Hang in there waiting, it sucks. Maybe you could take you toddlerina to the zoo, park, aquarium. I bet all will be great! The 12th is a great day!

  5. Whooo hooo!!! Raining good news today!!

  6. Oh girlie, I do wish I lived closer and could come entertain you.

  7. That seems like a wicked long time to wait for an ultrasound.

    My PIO was supposed to be 2 ccs; I couldn't handle it. I'm on 1 cc + 400 mg prometrium, and p4's over 60. Maybe that would be an option for you if you need more?

  8. So glad that the progesterone levels are on target. I totally agree with the slow injection, too quick uses way too much force to get in there. Here told hold your hand as you wait out your u/s. Hang in there...

  9. Hooray! Love that p4 number! And the advice about going slowly is big for us--both in terms of the butt knots and maybe getting the stuff to absorb better? April 12 is so soon! Wanna know how soon it is? I'm quite sure it will be the day before my ER, and I [hope to] start stims tomorrow. So that's soon.

    And the waiting? Oy, it hurts, it sucks so much. Almost as painful as a bad PIO shot.

  10. Thank goodness it went up!

    Maybe you and Toddlerina could make art projects to pass the time? Twelve decorated links for a paper chain, 11 hand print collage, chain of 10 people holding hands you guys can color on, etc. Maybe I'm guessing she's older than she really is though, and art isn't in the cards yet. Any way you find to pass the time, I hope it goes quickly! Those waits for u/s are torturous.

  11. Now that's the kind of P4 number I like to hear! I was going to say that until the 12th you should just lie around basking in the glory of pregnancy and eating bon bons, but I love the idea above of a countdown family activity! That ought to pass at least an hour of each day... I add my vote for watching loads of bad TV.

  12. YIP!!! That's a great P4!!! Longtime lurker stopping by to wish you my very best. All is well, zen zen zen zen. xoxo

  13. Looks like we have reached a cruising altitude in terms of progesterone. That's good news. Tell the panic to stuff it. You're busy at the moment. And 10 days does sound long. But you are very strong, thank jaw. It's time for some distractions. Too bad you can't distract yourself with the help of merlot and pinot noir.

  14. I'm so glad the results were good! I hope that time somehow goes by quickly for you until that first scan!

  15. Now that's a lurvely progesterone level. If I wasn't already making out with your hcg levels, I would totally tap that p4.

    I am pounding my gavel for the nomination of watching a season of something on dvd/dvr. Adult themes? Breaking Bad. It is sooooo good. Or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It's depraved, in a good way. Kid themed? Search me. I don't watch that crap (yet).

    Or, with Easter coming up, do some egg decorating and other artsy-craftsy stuff with Toddlerina? I'm doing some of that myself soon, but aaaaaall byyyyyy my-seeeeelf (since a 6-month-old is pretty useless in that department, unless I want him to eat a glue stick or something).

  16. Good news all around. Just hopped over to your house after receiving the good news in Augusta's house... Man, I'm not going to be able to go to sleep tonight from all this excitement.

    Roccie. You got this. You do. This is it. The one. I love this!

  17. I didn't know the projesterone injections were suposed to be slow. Probably why I am all lumpy. Will tell hubby, thanks for tip.

    I'm pregnant too! 7 weeks. It tooke six cycles of IVF (with PGD as I have muscular dystrophy) to acheive my second pregnancy.

    Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy.


  18. SO GLAD, Roccie. And it makes perfect sense that the progesterone was getting bunched up, and not reaching where it needed to go.

    I feel like they should just perform betas at will, and when we want them. Ultrasounds too:) And that's said with only partial irony. Can you imagine? One day there will be "ultrasound parties". Sort of a botox party thing. An ultrasound machine. A gaggle of ladies. (No cocktails, though). I'd attend. And I'd shoulder my way to the ultrasound machine.

    Fingers tightly crossed for your ultrasound.

  19. Less than a week away from Ultrasound Day momma. I am feeling more and more confident about little baby roccie every day. Hope you're feeling the same way! xoxox

  20. Grrr, I'm so mad at myself. I could swear I had already commented on this post, I certainly meant to. Anyway, I just popped back in to check up on you only to discover that I never said anything the first time I was here. Oh well, I'm sure you know by now that I am always thinking of you.

    I can't believe you have to wait till April 12th, but now as I look at the calender it is much closer. Hope you are doing ok.

    PS - I love the sound of Adele's u/s party!!! I often think that if we had our own u/s machine we'd be able to do this whole process ourselves and leave the Drs and clinics out of it completely.