Wednesday, September 21, 2011

He is just my dog again

What the hell was that?  

I felt like my mind was possessed or something equally ridiculous.  Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.  Maybe I just had to spew it out.

It reads like complete horse shit today.

I got so caught up in my own little story in my own little world that I forgot there are others here too.  We all pick our way through the imperfections.  No family story is written by Disney, but I think mine is pretty damn fabulous.

The gratitude I have for the DE opportunity greatly outweighs any additional considerations my family will manage.  We will manage it with love and laughter.

It sounds pretty dippy, but if you wash the Hallmark slime off, it rings true.  Yeah, once upon a time I wish we had been able to use my eggs... but all that faded away as the pregnancy became real to me.

When we get to meet this baby I know I will thank God we "had" to use DE or this child wouldn't be here.  Mind boggling if you really grasp what I am saying, trite if you are skimming.  

Shatters my brain.


  1. I'm so glad Huck is just your dog again! I think it's absolutely normal to question things/lineage regarding donor eggs. I keep telling myself that if I am blessed with a child through donor egg, then that was the child I was meant to have. I'm sure my child will have have all of my sassiness even if it doesn't have my genes :)

  2. Perfect. Isn't this what it's all about? *this* child. The one you're growing in your perfect round belly (that I'd like to see a pix of pleaseandthankyouverymuch). THIS child could only have come about in this way.

    and so it goes.

  3. You made a baby. You just borrowed some parts. Doesn't change how much you are going to love and adore it.

    Now... belly pics?

  4. Very well put in comment above. Roccie, you're 30 weeks? Or further? Your early pregnancy went by sloooooowly but has since flown by. For me. For you too?

  5. Who can compete with Dead Cow girl's sentiment. For risk of being cheap I second it. All of it.

  6. Exactly. This very baby! What a wonder he or she will be.

  7. It is completely fantastically mind blowing! I've said the same since Ian was born, I just look at him in awe sometimes at the amazing randomness of it all and how he came to be my baby.

  8. I think you are onto something there with the gratitude . . . something that will carry you through any future times where you think you need to check your dog's dna for your husband's birthday present. Well not that exactly--that is just you being geeked about gametes, chromosomes, etc., but more so any time in our lives we can stop and really grasp how much there is to be thankful for, even when it is hardest, and realize the people in our lives, the ones that love us, bear us up, and who we love most dearly all come from God knows where, and God knows what genetic makeup. It is mind boggling, and these are who we most need to be grateful. Your child, children will have a wise mom to teach them that. Not a fan of the Disney families---where the heck is the mom, and when she is there why is she evil? Seems like Disney had some momma issues. Your child won't. Your child has you and your child has another unselfish woman who thought enough of you to be a donor.

  9. "Always remember, there is nothing worth sharing
    Like the love that let us share our name." The Avett Brothers

    (Just happened to play after I finished my comment.)

  10. Glad.

    I participated in a support group for a short while run by a lady who had two kids through donor eggs. She told her husband one day that it still irked her when other people got knocked up at the drop of a hat. He told her that, though it had been tough, he wouldn't change the kids they ended up with. And when she started thinking about it, she decided the same. So many, many ways to skin a cat. (sorry, cat lovers). But I agree with you: when you meet that baby, it's going to feel like THE way.

  11. thank you for sharing your grattitude for DE. it makes my heart warm and fuzzy. i hope i will feel the same way. i think i already am :-)