Thursday, September 8, 2011

Welcome third trimester

Yoga pants are fine with me.  I am grateful for the chill in the air to allow me to leave the skirts in the closet.  I was starting to feel too much friction when I walked and it is a real chore to keep my knees together in meetings.

I wear flip flops mostly.  They are made by Croc, rather high end when it comes to flip flops.  My ballet flats were getting tight so Target just sold me two new pairs a half size up to get me through the last few months.

Tums Smoothies are really good.  They work within the minute.  I wish I could get some money promoting them as I am a real believer in the power of Tums.

Thanks very much for all of your coaching after my last post.  I was delighted to get so much quality support and advice.  I honestly expected crickets but wanted to get it off my chest.  

It has been rough but I am eeking out my territory.  Kind of pissing in corners.  In fact, I just deleted the whole story I was sharing - I sound like a mean, mean beast.

Let's just say MIL is not technically inclined and I don't leave the TV in an easy recover mode after Toddlerina watches her kids shows in the morning.  Take that Fox news.

Petty, shallow and mean,
Your Friend,


  1. Happy 3rd Tri! And yes, I am welcoming the cooler weather, too. ah!

  2. oh gosh i can't even imagine, roccie.

    sending love and im so sorry i never wrote back to your lovely email. if it makes a difference you were the one i wanted to write back to the most. this has been a hard month. hard.

    i am ever so grateful you have made it to the 3rd tri. sending love to your little ones, all 4.

  3. I mean. What are you going to do if you get that temporary remote control amnesia that's plaguing the nation?

    Heartburn continues to kill me, 19 mos after I stopped being pregnant. Tums are no match -- count yourself lucky!

    Welcome to the third tri indeed. You are a huge inspiration!

  4. Happy 3rd Trimester! I am dying for you that your MIL is staying with you for such an extended visit! After 2 days of my MIL at my house, I want to poke my eyes out! And the Fox news thing, I totally get Hang in there!

  5. Belly shots please. I need it after the day I had.
    I love this mean beast. she's funny, and rightfully so leaving the tv in kiddie mode.
    xoxo miss you.

  6. Roccie I am so unbelievably happy for you! Yours allowed to be mean, you're almost heavily pregnant mumma! I really loved the third tri except the last few weeks! I'm living vicariously through you now. What a beautiful time.

  7. Happy third trimester! I hope you find many more ways to get in subtle digs at the interloping MIL.

  8. I love petty shallow and mean. That describes me to a t when it comes to dh's family. In fact, thntopic came again about hismmom staying with us again for w little bit bc his dad is in hospital and I said over my dead f-ing body. Let me just remind you that she has dementia, I have w newborn, wnd my SIL has a huge apt and her kids are older. Those three things equal, why the fuck should she stay with us and not your sister? Pissing in corners ... Love it! Xoxoxo. Hppy third trtimesternroccie!

  9. Wouldn't it be a damn shame if you used the parental control option on your tv to block Faux News from being available? Man, what a pity that would be. Be sure to leave copies of the NYT around so she isn't deprived of fair and balanced news!

  10. Happy 3rd Trimester my friend!!!! Love JB's comment...would be such a pity:)

  11. Happy happy final strech. I must have missed your last post, need to go back...

    Ps- I lived in mt Croc flip flops this summer too.

  12. You are in the home stretch! Happy third trimester. :-)

  13. Damn girl, 3T! Woot!
    I support Whatever you can do to block Fox news for polluting your household.

    Hoping the pissing helps ;)

  14. I love you Roccie!! You are so darn funny! Welcome to the final stretch of pg!! LisainSK

  15. "Petty, shallow and mean" your words, not ours (not saying I agree in the least!) we would not want you any other way!

    Don't go changing for your MIL or now that you are in the Third Trimester.

    We love Roccie just they way she is!!!

    LS x

  16. I started laughing reading the post, and then when I read Sienna's comment I had to get a paper towel to clear the spit off my screen. Looks like the MIL topic hit a nerve with her!

  17. Oh, I want the story! But yeah, sometimes things look a bit worse in print. And oh, my love of Tums. I developed a lot of sympathy for people who suffer from chronic heartburn in my 3rd T. And just be sure one of the corners you piss in contains your MILs bed.

  18. Yay! Third Trimester!! Woop Woop! And no. You are not shallow, petty, mean... you are quite quick witted. I would do the same thing.

  19. So glad to hear that you are in the third tri. Smooth sailing. This is all that's allowed from this point forward, on the baby front and in terms of, er, house guests.