Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hiding in public

So who reads your blog?

I remember my mother in law getting quite annoyed with me when she learned about my blog.  She wanted to read it.

No way in hell, MIL, no way in hell.

She asked why she couldn't and I told her it was private.  After an uncomfortable silence, she asked what was private about posting ideas for strangers to read.  

Sigh.  Only a non blogger would call us strangers, huh?

My own mother does not read.  She knows about the blog, but I only had to warn her once not to read it.  To be clear, I wasn't asking her not to read it, just wanted her to know she would probably prefer to spoon her heart out of her chest than read my posts.  I have a couple painful doozy posts and I sure don't think my mom would enjoy the frequency of the F bomb here.

My sister reads.  It has put me in the corner a few times and caused me to censor, but I can only think of one or two times.  My brother only read when he was featured as the Ass of the Week.  Otherwise, I am in hiding with family.

I have been found by IRL folks out here in blogland.  Hunted down by the mighty Google.  To be fair, she is quite brilliant and can do anything with technology.  When she showed me how I was tracked down, it was pretty obvious.  Oops.  I think I fixed it, but I can still see pointers back to me.  Anyhow.

So my mother in law is moving in with us.


I want to unload about it a wee bit but there is too much at risk.  What if I am found?  My own home computer needs to be rigged with safety - disabling automatic logins and clearing history and looking over my shoulder and worrying what happens if they find me?

She comes tomorrow and will be here, playing her loud Fox News and Morning Joe programs, until the middle of November.

There is a small chance I will die, but it is very small.


  1. Ugh, that is a long time to have the MIL in the house! Hoping you can retain your sanity...

  2. Holy cow! Moving in?!

    You do know you can write posts to your blog via e-mail and get the comments sent back to you. Right?

    Officially, my husband doesn't read my blog. He might do, I don't know.

  3. Which browser do you use? I know with Firefox and Chrome, you can use the private browser. It automatically clears your history, cookies, temporary files etc... That would be one way to ensure your privacy.

    Good luck with MIL in the house.

  4. You are a better woman than I am. If my MIL ever moved in,,,, I would have to move out. Simple!!

    And no, I'm not kidding,,, even a little bit.

  5. Ugh. November?! That is a long time. My heart goes out to you!

    Sending love. And strength. Lots and lots of strength!

  6. What kanis said. Use the "private browsing" option.

    That's a LONG time for the MIL. I expect to see a lot of posts since you'll be in hiding from her.


  7. Aaiiiiii! I'm glad the mother in law not permanent, 'cause my heart skipped a beat. Which is not to say it won't be intense...but at least there's an end point to look forward to.

    I'm all about covering my ears and saying la la la when people talk about the fact that anonymous is just a dream. I know anyone who cared to could figure out my real identity. But I like to pretend people wouldn't, because it would be rude, or because who cares?

  8. I just read something that said, "If my doctor told me I only had 6 months to live, I would move in with my MIL because that would be the longest 6 months of my life." Enjoy your life, Roccie! ;)

    I wonder who reads my blog too. I've been weirded out a few times because I've seen the places people come from from that Live Feed thing and it's a little too close to home. Also, the whole someone posting a link to my blog on that goth page is kind of creeping me out. I'm not sure why and nobody has commented to say why. Whatev, I guess.

    Post some new belly pics or something too. You know you want to. ♥

  9. Oh dear. That's going to be very...interesting. I wish you the absolute best of luck. While I do love my MIL I fear I would strangle her. She means well but she's a MIL. they're supposed to annoy, no? Haha

    I often wonder too about if my family has ever stumbled upon my blog. I think they would freak if they I'm assuming they haven't. Haha.

    Anywho, best of luck, if nothing else you'll have great posts, right? :)

  10. I simply couldn't live with my MIL. If paying for her to live somewhere else wasn't an option, i'd have to move in with my own mom while she stayed here! My biggest fear is that she eventually won't be able to take care of herself and will become our responsibility. Good Luck!

    So, i blog anonymously. My husband, mom, sister, and Bestie all know about my blog, but aren't regular readers, and I dont find myself censoring, so its been okay. in fact they have gained a much deeper understanding of my experience by reading my blog. They have all shared that they've cried in reading some of the posts because they can see the pain that I try so hard to hide when we are in person. I sure hope that no one I know could find me and make the connection. How did you get found out?

  11. O.M.G. Roccie, I've always liked you but now I know you are a saint. Let's see...the silver least it has an endpoint??

    Are you drawing up a list of demands, right now, in exchange for this? You deserve some major prizes.

    I always feel in the back of my mind that it's possible someone in my family could know about my cousin babysits for H and I know she's used my computer. I care a lot less about this than I used to, but I still am careful about maintaining anonymity exactly for the reason you've outlined, in case I need to bitch about someone.

  12. Only one friend irl reads my blog. The hubs doesn't even know it's name.

    3 months of cohabitating with the mil? I hope your abode is a spacious one.

  13. I just spent 10 days with my MIL, and I really like her but hells no i couldn't live with her for 2.5motnhs. Good luck. God speed. May the force be with you. And dammit, I wish you could drink.

  14. Oh my....Roc!

    Late in life I was blessed with two MILs, one who gave her son up at birth and refuses to speak to him & in doing so denies him any knowledge of his biological father. She lives in the next suburb. The other died last year and left my beloved the most cruelest of legacies.

    I say a MIL co-habitating with the Roc Nest will make for a few interesting months. As long as you can install some anti-MIL security on the ole PC. I think we might be in for some delightful posts from the Rocky MIL Road....useful material for the future novel (to be published under a nom de plume)!

    LS x

  15. That long? Ugh! You poor thing! And if your MIL is anything like mine she'll be all over your computer looking for the blog she's not supposed to read.

    You know what, though? With a little work, you have a great opportunity to get her to forget about your blog at all. You can update this blog via email and get the comments that way too. But you can also start a fake blog and backdate some really boring posts. "Had a turkey sandwich for lunch, coworker made a joke about me gobbling it down. So funny!" Things like that. She'll be too bored with it to think anything more about your blog.

  16. Sending you some much needed life support...yikes!!

  17. Sorry...Blogger is still being an a*hole...that's me above. LisainSK

  18. Your last sentence cracked me up! Good luck

  19. Oh Roccie, that sounds rather painful. I am just slightly comforted by the fact that you didn't write that she was moving in forever, at which point I would have probably started pulling out all the hair on my head with tweezers in sympathy for your pain. Now, I may just do my legs with tweezers as an act of support. ouch!

  20. Hola guacamola, no freaking way. You are a brave soul. I will send my best discretion trained thought troops to battle those inevitable, "I WANT to say that's stupid without saying you are stupid but cannot pry apart your asinine point from your asinine brain."

    Lean on me. I am a rock of family fortitude that knows no limits. Hang in there.

  21. It's just like your life Roccie to have the increasing joy of entering the 3rd Tri offset by most married women's nightmare, cohabitating with MIL, further compounded by her having right-wing sound bites pumping through your peaceful home. I am ashamed at myself in small way that this is so funny. Maybe by helping her with dvr, Rocco would lovingly request news show viewing confined to the hours you are at work?