Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Messages from above

I moved here in 1993 from Ohio.  Chicago is the great mecca of the Midwest.  I am here, but I still root for the Buckeyes.  OSU is how I came to know another Jesus.  There are lots of sites dedicated to this fellow, but I picked this one to make myself laugh at the high five near the bottom.  Usually, you form around the raised arms to spell O-H-I-O.  It is funny to me.

Ride with me here, it all comes together in the end.

My husband's birthday is always difficult.  He doesn't like stuff, he never wants anything.  I got creative and had this terrific grad student come out to do a family photo shoot.

We took the pictures on Sunday.  We sat on a bench, stood around, usual awkward poses for trying to look natural.

On Monday, one of my favorite oak trees fell into the front yard.  This isnt the tree obviously but I was too sad to take a picture of it.  It seemed disrespectful.  It just up and fell - no storm, no wind, no (foreshadowing) lightning.

On Tuesday, it seems Jesus was struck by lightning and burned to the ground.


Here is the bench we were sitting on for pictures, smashed.  It was sitting right under that tree that came crashing down.


Is Someone trying to send me a message?  I POAS this weekend.

Here is Huck in front of the bench.  He never had that bottom canine tooth.  It was missing when we adopted him.  Cute, isnt it?


  1. Huck is beautiful. The lack of tooth makes him look rakish. Yikes and double yikes about the bench. Glad it didn't fall while you were sitting there but, yeah, sometimes it's hard not to wonder about messages.

    Though maybe the world is just a chaotic, screwed-up, out-of-control place. No rhyme or reason. Nah. Scrap that. Not sure which is worse:)

  2. I love Huck! I'm sorry about the tree. Thanks so much for your comment, you made me laugh and I need that today! Can't wait to hear your news this weekend. Good vibes coming your way!

  3. I prefer disasters before POAS. If everything's going right, it seems to peter out before I test. This flock of disasters is sure to spell good things for you.

    I also noticed that when you high-five giant Jesus, it makes an M. Hmmmmm....

  4. i've just found your blog through Adele's and wanted to de'lurk and say hi. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get a bfp when you poas this weekend.

    by the way.... love the 2wmfw. i like to throw an "mf" in anywhere i can so i feel like we're soul sisters already.

    good luck this weekend.

  5. Thanks for the link :) You're right, it is totally up my alley. It's funny because my FB status that day was "cancer SUCKS"
    Also - 2wMFw is my new term of the week. The day we found out our girl has cancer, I was in the kitchen at work saying "ah MFing MF you piece of MFing crap" when the kettle wouldnt boil. Another colleague commented that you know its a bad day when I use the term MF more than 3 times in a single sentence. Anything less than that is a standard day ;)