Thursday, June 10, 2010

I wish I had more to do than just suppositories

Total lack of control.  I only have one measly progesterone suppository every morning.  At least with my old retrievals I got to inject the stuff.  Now it is just plain old tampon style.

It seems weak.  Too easy.  I didn't have to pay through the nose for it - they are all samples from the office.  How valuable can it be if you are giving it away?

I feel like I am not to voice these questions, but if this doesn't turn out as planned, how long are we on the bench before the next full cycle?  RE thinks we should go for another retrieval since I typically have 8-9 follicles at retrieval.

Donor pushed off a little longer.  I am really flippy on the donor eggs.  When they are biting at my heels, I panic.  When the option is taken off the table, I worry too.  My eggs have a history of success and something else.  Long story.

I was on my OB site yesterday.  It had a link for high risk pregnancy, so I clicked through.  There was a whole section dedicated to 'Pregnancy after 30'.


Sometimes I get a slap back to reality.  I will be delighted with a baby, no matter how we get there.

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