Thursday, June 17, 2010

Free to good home: fat dress

I try to find ways to kill the time in the 2wMFw.  Today, I went to get a massage.  

I walk in to a therapist I have not met and she says to me, "So, you're pregnant?"

So many thoughts race through my head.

"No, I am not.  But I was.  But I might be."

"No, I am not.   I just don't get pregnant like everyone else.  Me being pregnant is never referred to in such a casual manner.  I have been trying to be pregnant for years."

"But I was.  I had a miscarriage.  I didn't graduate to a regular OB.  I didn't deliver a baby.  I had to miscarry at home.  I had to go back to work and see a giant belly on a dear friend."

"But I might be.  Except for the male factor fertility issues plus my own Unexplained Issues.  Except for the IVF/ICSI gone IUI - to throw good money after bad.  But I might be."

Fucking fat dress is in the trash.


  1. Yup, time to go shopping! You need to go splurge. IF sucks, M/C sucks... shopping good. There is never anything wrong with retail therapy!

  2. Girl, you don't look fat in this dress. It's the cut of the top--those types of tops can make the thinnest woman on the planet look pregnant. Your conversation sounds exactly like some I've had in my head during our treatments. People need to learn how to hold their tongues sometimes unless it's SUPER obvious that someone is pregnant. Idiots.

  3. Ugh, people just don't realise that it is not a simple YES or NO question to answer do they?

    What a really stupid thing for someone to ask you? Clearly she hasn't been hit with the IF stick or she'd never have asked you THAT question.... ignorance, what bliss.